BSP-070: Advice for Facebook

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - I Read 900 Articles a Week
01:35 - Why Amazon is Destroying Brick & Mortar
03:03 - Podcastage YouTube Series
05:56 - Facebook Collaborative Live Streaming
07:53 - Facebook Shows (Advice for Them)
09:47 - Xbox Game Pass
12:56 - TSA Security Process
15:53 - Apple Security Requests Doubled over 6 Months
19:03 - 1Password Adds Travel Mode
21:22 - Tech Companies Want to Change Government Surveillance
23:06 - Silicon Valley Renewed
23:42 - What I’ve Been Testing
26:06 - Ask Bandrew
32:45 - Outro

On episode 70 of the BSP, I talk about reading through 900 articles to prepare for the podcast, why I think amazon is destroying brick and mortar retailers, and current and future podcastage projects. 

In news, I cover a new collaborative live streaming feature which will be on facebook, then talk about facebook spending $250,000 for 20-30 minute shows, and tie up this news segment with a mention of the Xbox Game Pass.

In security news I talk about TSA Security Proceduces, Apple Security Requests, 1Password Travel Mode, and some tech companies trying to force change in governmental surveillance. 

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Ulises Farinias is a writer, artist, and publisher of comics and we start a band (maybe, not really). In this episode Creator and now publisher Ulises Farinas and I chat about life in comic and making the stories you want to see in the world.

This episode includes making comics, made up bands, funerals and not quitting!



  • Buno Publishing
  • Diversity
  • Daniel Arazari 
  • Way beyond wasted (Fake BAND)
  • Viking Funerals
  • VHS

BSP-069: The Verge is SO Wrong About YouTube!

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - Rumors about MacBook Updates
02:28 - PodCon
04:25 - Update to Google Adsense
07:58 - The Verge is SO wrong about YouTube
17:14 - Facebook Entering eSports Market
18:20 - Signal Approved for Senate Use
18:45 - Updates to Twitter’s Privacy Policy
23:15 - TV & Movies of the Week
23:44 - Ask Bandrew
26:18 - Outro

On episode 69 of the BSP, I talk a rumored macbook line update which is expected at WWDC, a new Podcast Convention, and some updates to google adsense which I hope will make the transition to YouTube soon.

Next, I go on a lengthy rant about an article on the verge and how wrong they are about their stand on YouTube Super Chat. Next, I cover Facebook entering the eSports streaming market, signal being approved for senate use, and lastly talk about the changes to Twitter’s privacy policy.

In TV & Movies, I remind everyone that Master of None season 2 is live on netflix. In the Ask Bandrew segment, I provide an update to last weeks Video / Audio syncing issue, and then answer a question about a budget mic for recording guitar.

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BSP-068: Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

00:00 - Intro
01:03 - Shorter Episode
01:13 - 2 Year Anniversary on YouTube
02:42 - iTunes Affiliate Earnings
04:40 - Amazon Free Shipping over $25
05:20 - Amazon Prime Concerts
06:40 - Amazon Echo Show
12:58 - Facebook Hiding Certain Links
15:45 - Google Acquires Owlchemy Labs VR
16:55 - Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV
18:00 - The Leftovers
19:22 - Get Out
20:34 - Deadpool Cartoon Coming in 2018
21:12 - Ask Bandrew
30:06 - Outro

On episode 68 of the BSP, I talk about a lot of Amazon news including the new Amazon Echo Show, Facebook hiding certain links and Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV.

In TV & Movies of the Week I talk about The Leftovers, Get Out and Deadpool. I also answer a LOT of questions in the Ask Bandrew segment. 

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This episode is with someone who is a; Writer, Letterer, Graphic Design, Concept, Creative Director. Artist. Cartoonist.

Carlos and I discuss the comic process and how each part is an important creative part to making the book.

Carlos Gabriel Ruiz



  • The Baron Age
  • Weathermen
  • Roanoke
  •  Pretentious Record Store Guy (Mini-Series)
  • SHORTS + LOSSES (Anthology)

BSP-067: Advice for YouTube

00:00 - Intro
01:06 - I got a GTX1060 & New Power Supply
02:33 - Twitter Alternative to Cable?
05:45 - Hulu TV Beta is Live
08:00 - Change to YouTubes Desktop Layout
09:50 - New YouTube Shows & Pushing out Controversial Content Creators
12:45 - Facebook Rewards
15:20 - Game of Thrones Actors Required to Use 2 Factor Authentication
16:45 - NSA Ignored the USA Freedom Act
19:25 - FBI Pushing for Access to Encrypted Devices (
24:53 - Danny Devito & Jeff Goldblum Comedy Show!
25:35 - A Great Drum Sampler Plugin
28:04 - Ask Bandrew
32:08 - Outro

On episode 67 of the podcast, the only personal thing I talk about is my experience installing a new graphics card and power supply in my computer. 

In news, I talk about a bunch Twitter Live streaming news, and how this may be something that helps people who want to become cord cutters. I also talk about Hulu TV, and what you should expect out of that service.

In Youtube news, I talk about the new desktop layout and some of the new features that come with the new design. I also talk about YouTube's plans to roll out new series that they are paying hundreds of millions to develop, and I offer some advice to YouTube Execs.

In other news, I talk about facebook rewards, actors being forced to use 2 factor authentication, the NSA ignoring the USA Freedom Act, and the FBI pushing for access to encrypted devices.

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BSP-066: Get Earnings From Your Freebooted Videos

00:00 - Intro
00:57 - Guest Spot on Another Podcast
01:44 - Launching a Let’s Play Video on Podcastage
03:33 - Earn Ad Revenue From Your Freebooted Videos on Facebook
06:54 - Multicam Live Stream for $1000!!!
09:57 - Twitter Live Streaming 24/7
12:23 - Selling Your E-mail Information
15:11 - New Amazon Echo
17:30 - Twitter Still Fighting for our Privacy
20:46 - Cannibal Holocaust
23:33 - Third Installment of M. Night’s Unbreakable Series
25:17 - Ask bandrew
27:17 - Outro

On episode 66 of the BSP, I talk about guesting on another podcast and tease when you can expect that, and also talk about the motivation behind launching other content on the podcastage youtube channel.

In news, I cover facebook rolling out tools that allow you to earn ad revenue on your freebooted videos, getting a multicam live streaming rig for $1000, and twitter wanting to focus more on live content.

In security news, I talk about selling your e-mail information, the new amazon echo, and twitter fighting to keep governments away from all your information.

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Thoughts on Think Tank

Get ready to learn with this edition of Do You Even Comic, Think Tank.

Before you read the review here is a link to read issue one by Matt Hawkins from Top Cow, for free; Think Tank #1


Matt Hawkins- Writer @topcowmatt

Rahsan Ekedal- Artist @RahsanEkedal

The Book

Published in 2012 by Top Cow and solicited as a limited series is now on its 4 volume by creative team Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal.

The story follows Dr. David Loren who is a wunderkind and brilliant young man of science on top of being inventor, genius, slacker... mass murderer. He is the military think tank’s smartest scientist and decides he can no longer stomach creating weapons of destruction. Dr. David Loren, employed by DARPA  and working as weapon designer, he has made him disillusioned.

Will he be able to think his way out of his dilemma or find himself subject to the schemes of a corrupt system and tool for absolute power.

You might have heard this before, our government can't be trusted and is secretly evil but never have you read a book like Think Tank .A plot driven by real science and possibilities where the question is asked, What if these weapons or technologies were misused?  Volume one has the series almost heading into world war 3 and it is a brilliant read. The books believability has you reading every word til the end.

To put it simply Think Tank is science, humor and an intelligent plot.

Why this Book?

I grabbed this because I saw a Top Cow panel at Emerald City Comic Con 2014 and saw Matt Hawkins talking passionately about this project. More than that I gave it a read since it was the supernatural element of Top Cow I had normally seen.

What made me enjoy this book was Dr. David Loren, he is kind of like Tony Stark without the frat ego or alcoholism, he's a nerd and owns it. The character is an inventor but not how the inventions are being used. While trying to get free from the corruption he is thrust into being a hero for his freedom and the lives of millions of people.

Yes, a few changes in characters happen between the issues might have you playing catch up but this is a minor gripe. I can connect to David’s life in the sense that he is stuck in a job that he no longer agrees with and I think we have all been there.

Ekedal’s art has a level of detail and care that has you looking and following every panel. The facial expressions and action scenes are especially worth paying attention to. On top of that there are pop culture references to Star Wars, Obi Wan with things like the “suggestion gas” which are a fun nod.

Matt Hawkins distills military and science is a digestible read and as the book suggests with it’s warning, “it might make you smarter,” I did feel smarter after having read this book.

Lastly I truly enjoy the fact that Matt Hawkins did this project simply because he wanted to, it has gone to be well received and my favorite Top Cow series.

I encourage you to check out the “Science Class” breakdowns at the end of the book where the technology referenced is discussed. Hawkins also leaves details to the sources of the technology weapons that already exist or have been tested. I love that a book based in heavy science is also very strong in detail as it should be.




As a bonus  I (Logan) did and interview with one of the creators, and President of Top Cow Matt Hawkins and I truly felt like I learned so much from with brilliant and well spoken human.


This episodes them is Irrational with guests Lauren Vorhees @Win_and_Toniic  (Artist) and Cynthia Gerriets @Tentimesatiger (Toy Design) and me Logan @thatlogan

Irrationality is the quality of being illogical or unreasonable. More specifically it is described as an action or opinion given through inadequate use of reason.

Special thanks to those who sent in questions: @BandrewSays @NovaHelion @thomaskeith51 @JakenRidge @Grimlockshowdown 


Music by Bandrew Scott

Powered by Geeks Rising

BSP-065 - The Problem With Apple Airpods

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - An Apple AirPods Story in 8 Parts
03:06 - Trying to help my voice
03:28 - Launching A new Series on Podcastage
04:26 - Let’s Play Series on Podcastage
05:20 - AMD Radeon 500 Series Video Cards
06:51 - YouTube Live Streaming Available to Those with 1000 Subs
08:34 - Livestream Mevo Updates
10:27 - Tumblr Launches YouTube Video Chat
12:01 - iWork, Garageband, and iMovie are FREE!
13:00 - FTC Cracking Down on Paid Promo Content
14:40 - Bose Collecting & Selling Your Data
15:56 - Bluetooth Car Tools Can Turn Off Your Car
17:27 - Google Building Ad Blocker to Chrome
18:49 - Mastercard Adding Fingerprint Reader to Cards
20:12 - Bill Nye Saves The World
20:36 - Silicon Valley Season 4
20:58 - X-Files Season 11
21:50 - New Chair
22:39 - OBS Doesn’t Suck
23:09 - Ask Bandrew
25:57 - Outro

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BSP-064: More X-Files Soon!

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Gear Used For this Podcast
02:14 - New Video Ideas
05:55 - Why I Don’t Like People
07:49 - AT&T Acquiring Companies for 5G
09:36 - Sling TV Rolling out $5/Month Cloud DVR
10:52 - Comcast Launching NBCUniversal Streaming Service
11:58 - Custom Hearts on Periscope
12:37 - GoPro Limited Time Upgrade Discount
14:19 - X-Files Audio Book with Duchovny & Anderson
16:02 - SF International Airport Tracking All Cars
17:42 - Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer
18:10 - Rear Window
19:19 - Schoenberg & The Second Viennese School
23:17 - New Tripod
24:09 - Ask Bandrew
26:20 - Outro

On episode 64 of the BSP, I talk about the gear I use to record this podcast, I share my thoughts on why I need to expand what I am doing on the podcastage youtube channel, and share some stories of why I don't like people.

In News I talk about a recent acquisition by AT&T, a new streaming service from comcast, custom hearts for periscope, discounted gopros, getting more x-files soon, and the San Francisco airport tracking all cars that visit the airport.

Next, in case you've been living under a rock, I let you know that there's a new star wars trailer, I suggest Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, I suggest (and discuss) Schoenberg and the second Viennese school, and I talk about picking up a new tripod.

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BSP-063: YouTube Adpocalypse Explained

00:00 - Intro
01:01 - Coming to Terms with Imperfection
02:26 - YouTube Apocalypse
12:20 - YouTube TV is Live
14:02 - Comcast Mobile Phone Service
16:44 - Amazon Launching AmazonCash
18:45 - Twitter Sues Homeland Security
20:27 - Invincible (Comic Book) Movie
21:36 - New Louis CK Stand Up
22:00 - Blue Apron
22:40 -
24:07 - Ask Bandrew
32:00 - Outro

On episode 63 of the BSP, the main topic I cover is the YouTube adpocalypse. I talk about what caused this "crisis", what it means for youtubers, and how the 10,000 view minimum for monetization likely won't have a huge impact.

In other news, I cover YouTube TV launching, Comcast launching a mobile phone service, AmazonCash launching, and Twitter suing the Department of Homeland Security.

I also talk about about an upcoming film based on the Invincible Comics, a new Louis CK Stand up special, Blue Apron, and Lastly in the ask bandrew section of the podcast, I recommend a camera, talk about a US bank account for a non-US citizen (, talk about monetizing a podcast, and talk about my emergency plans.

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Check out my gear used to make this podcast:

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Musician and friend Phoenix swings by to chat about his music career and we find out what drives his creative mind.

Current Phoenix has release music with Wild War and is working on solo music as well as a collective known as Soul Psych. 

Show some love and check out the links below:

Phoenix : @Phoenix_Alexander

Soul Psych Collective: @SoulPyschCollective Store Here



BSP-062: Monetizing Videos on Periscope?

00:00 - Intro
02:15 - Brand New Podcasting Community
03:25 - Periscope Updates
05:25 - Movies of the Week
07:17 - What I’ve Been Testing
09:32 - Ask Bandrew
17:48 - Outro

Suggested Viewing/Reading
Urban Prepper -

On episode 62 of the BSP, I share a new podcast community that just launched (, which you should sign up for and participate in.

In news, I talk about two changes coming to periscope that I think will help content creators interact with their audience as well as earn money, and hopefully also help make twitter some money.

Next I share two films that I think you need to watch if you have HBO, and then share two things that I have been testing. Closing out the podcast I answer 5 questions sent in over the last week.

If you have any life questions, tech questions, or stories you want answered, send your email to and I will answer your questions on a future episode.

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Discovery of all things that interest us ! This episode of PQ's (Podcast Questions) is with Micah and Cynthia and we chat as 3 close friends sharing how we found all the things we love. Topics include comics, movies, music, video games and QUESTIONS from you, the listeners!

Enjoy the show and for everything mentioned check the reference down below:





BSP-061: I'm So Disappointed in Myself

00:00 - Intro
01:10 - I’m a Fat Adam Sandler, I Know!
01:30 - I Hate Myself, Here’s Why
03:09 - Amazon Collecting Sales Tax
04:57 - Watch iTunes Rentals Across Apple Devices
05:57 - Twitter Expanding Live Streaming Capabilities
08:43 - Livestream to Facebook From Your Browser
11:02 - AT&T and Verizon Pulling Ads from Google13:06 - iPad Air 2 Cancelled
13:56 - Seasons for Diablo III Coming to Consoles
14:29 - Instagram 2 Factor Authentication
15:17 - ISP’s Selling Off Your Browsing Information
17:52 - Dave Chapelle Standups
18:11 - Area 51
19:06 - Ask Bandrew
28:51 - Outro

On episode 60 of the BSP, I explain a recent event that lead me to embrace the disgust and disappointment I feel for myself.

In news, I cover Amazon charging sales tax, iTunes allowing you to view rentals across devices, Twitter expanding it’s live streaming capabilities, live streaming to Facebook directly from your browser, companies pulling their ads from google, apple cancelling the iPad Air 2, Seasons for Diablo III coming to consoles, instagram rolling out 2-factor authentication, and your ISP selling off your browsing data.

In TV/Movies of the week, I suggest Dave Chappelle’s new stand up specials as well as the found footage sci-fi/horror film Area 51. In the ASK BANDREW section of the podcast I cover the proper way to connect USB microphones, my thoughts on gaming and gaming youtubers, the necessity for USB Audio Interfaces, and overcoming depression.

If you have any life questions, tech questions, or stories you want answered, send your email to and I will answer your questions on a future episode. 

BSP-060 - Do Giveaways Provide Long Term YouTube Growth?

Submit your questions to be answered on a future episode to

00:00 - Intro
01:42 - Another Shorter Episode
02:04 - New Gear to Record Podcast / And Improving Audio
04:07 - Do Giveaways Increase Your Subscriber Growth?
06:04 - I Did My First YouTube Collaboration
06:48 - Bought a New Bass
08:30 - YouTube Annotations Going Away
11:30 - Updates to Twitter
14:06 - Using Prepaid Unlimited Plans Anonymously
17:42 - TV of The Week
19:35 - What I’ve Been Testing
23:22 - Ask Bandrew
26:23 - Outro

On episode 60 of the BSP, I first cover my new piece of gear; the DBX 286s, while explaining what this item does, and how I’m using it for this podcast. I then talk about the end of the podcastage giveaway, and my findings on if running giveaways has any long term effect on your subscriber growth. Then I talk about about my first collaboration, and picking up a new bass.

In news, I cover the removal of annotations from YouTube, and what this means for tech youtubers, as well as a few updates being made to twitter. The last piece of news I talk about relates to getting an anonymous smartphone with unlimited data.

Then we get into TV & Movies of the week where I recommend LOVE Season 2. In terms of what I’ve been testing, I briefly talk about the DBX 286s, the Furman M-8x2, and then talk about my new Das Keyboard mechanical keyboard for mac.

Closing out the podcast, I introduce a new segment titled “Ask Bandrew” where you send your questions to and I answer your questions on a future episode. 

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Welcome to this weeks episode!

A veteran of the comics industry Matt Hawkins. We chat about everything from his passion for science to traveling from convention to convention and industry as a whole.

FOLLOW: @topcowmatt  @TopCow

Matt has had a career in comic book publishing since 1993 and has been working as a creator, writer and executive. Now President/COO of Top Cow since 1998, Matt has created and written over 30 new titles for Top Cow/Image.

Matt Hawkins work includes: Think Tank, The Tithe, Necromancer, VICE, Lady Pendragon, Aphrodite IX, Tales of Honor as well as handling the company’s business affairs.