BSP-071: What to expect from WWDC 2017

00:00 - Intro
01:09 - Win a Free Mic
01:52 - My Steps to Launching a Podcast
07:55 - What to Expect at WWDC 2017
16:26 - Twitter DM Updates
18:32 - Updates to YouTube Advertising Policies
21:37 - JetBlue Wants Your Face To Replace Boarding Passes
24:14 - TV & Movies of The Week
25:26 - What I’ve Been Testing
27:03 - Outro

On episode 71 of the BSP, I talk about how to win a free ATR2100USB, and then walk through my checklist I have before launching a new podcast. 

The main stories in this podcast are what we expect to see at WWDC2017, and changes to YouTube's advertising Policy. In other news I cover an  update to Twitter's DM practice, and how JetBlue airlines wants to take your photo in lieu of having a boarding pass.

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