BSP-074: With Great Fame Comes Great Responsibility

In this episode I talk about Logan Paul's stunt at VidCon and how irresponsible it was. In News I talk about Anker Launching wireless headphones, the Amazon Dash Wand, Facebook launching a video creation app, YouTube Metrics / TV / Red Series, and Google no longer scanning your e-mails for information. I then talk about the differences I've found between the Apple Keyboard Case and Logitech Slim Case for the iPad Pro 10.5". 

00:00 - Intro
00:54 - Logan Paul is Irresponsible with his Fame
06:00 - Anker Launching Wireless Headphones
09:20 - Amazon Dash Wand
11:20 - Facebook Video Creation App
13:40 - 1.5 Billion Monthly Active Users on YouTube
15:36 - YouTube TV Updates
16:16 - New & Returning YouTube Red Series
19:00 - Google No Longer Scanning G-mail Inbox
20:11 - Which is Better Apple iPad Keyboard or Logitech Slim case Keyboard
22:25 - Ask Bandrew
24:15 - Outro

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