BSP-067: Advice for YouTube

00:00 - Intro
01:06 - I got a GTX1060 & New Power Supply
02:33 - Twitter Alternative to Cable?
05:45 - Hulu TV Beta is Live
08:00 - Change to YouTubes Desktop Layout
09:50 - New YouTube Shows & Pushing out Controversial Content Creators
12:45 - Facebook Rewards
15:20 - Game of Thrones Actors Required to Use 2 Factor Authentication
16:45 - NSA Ignored the USA Freedom Act
19:25 - FBI Pushing for Access to Encrypted Devices (
24:53 - Danny Devito & Jeff Goldblum Comedy Show!
25:35 - A Great Drum Sampler Plugin
28:04 - Ask Bandrew
32:08 - Outro

On episode 67 of the podcast, the only personal thing I talk about is my experience installing a new graphics card and power supply in my computer. 

In news, I talk about a bunch Twitter Live streaming news, and how this may be something that helps people who want to become cord cutters. I also talk about Hulu TV, and what you should expect out of that service.

In Youtube news, I talk about the new desktop layout and some of the new features that come with the new design. I also talk about YouTube's plans to roll out new series that they are paying hundreds of millions to develop, and I offer some advice to YouTube Execs.

In other news, I talk about facebook rewards, actors being forced to use 2 factor authentication, the NSA ignoring the USA Freedom Act, and the FBI pushing for access to encrypted devices.

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BSP-032: iPhone 7 Rumors

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - Why I’ve Been So Angry!?
03:38 - Live Streaming NFL Games on Apple TV?
05:52 - Robert Kirkman’s Invincible Coming to an End
07:19 - Comedy Bang! Bang! ending too!?
09:08 - New Soylent Food
10:28 - Fleet of Autonomous Driving Taxi
13:20 - New Seth Rogen TV Show
13:58 - The Used - Maybe Memories
15:21 - Photive BTH3 Bluetooth Headphones
17:52 - Mevo Live Streaming Camera
22:28 - iPhone 7 Rumors
30:30 - Throwback Episode
34:56 - Outro

On today’s episode, there’s a lot of great news and a lot of bad news. First we talk about my recent anger, and then we jump into good news regarding live streaming NFL games on your apple tv/twitter.

When we get to some bad news, I talk about the end of one of the greatest comics, Invincible, and how I feel about this, and then immediately jump into the news that Comedy Bang! Bang! is coming to an end.

On lighter news, we talk about a new Soylent food bar. Most exciting, I discuss the new autonomous fleet of vehicles that Uber is launching in pittsburgh later this month!

To end out the podcast, I talk about the Photive BTH3 headphones, the Mevo Live Streaming Camera, and finally, I talk about the iPhone 7 Rumors

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