BSP-032: iPhone 7 Rumors

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - Why I’ve Been So Angry!?
03:38 - Live Streaming NFL Games on Apple TV?
05:52 - Robert Kirkman’s Invincible Coming to an End
07:19 - Comedy Bang! Bang! ending too!?
09:08 - New Soylent Food
10:28 - Fleet of Autonomous Driving Taxi
13:20 - New Seth Rogen TV Show
13:58 - The Used - Maybe Memories
15:21 - Photive BTH3 Bluetooth Headphones
17:52 - Mevo Live Streaming Camera
22:28 - iPhone 7 Rumors
30:30 - Throwback Episode
34:56 - Outro

On today’s episode, there’s a lot of great news and a lot of bad news. First we talk about my recent anger, and then we jump into good news regarding live streaming NFL games on your apple tv/twitter.

When we get to some bad news, I talk about the end of one of the greatest comics, Invincible, and how I feel about this, and then immediately jump into the news that Comedy Bang! Bang! is coming to an end.

On lighter news, we talk about a new Soylent food bar. Most exciting, I discuss the new autonomous fleet of vehicles that Uber is launching in pittsburgh later this month!

To end out the podcast, I talk about the Photive BTH3 headphones, the Mevo Live Streaming Camera, and finally, I talk about the iPhone 7 Rumors

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BSP-023: Sleep Less, Do More, Have Fun - Phoenix Comic Con

On episode 23 of The BSP, I record the entire podcast with a different microphone. I also discuss the reasoning behind it and ask for your feedback. Then I share something with you that changed my life and hope that it can change your life for the better as well.

Following this, we discuss the Phoenix Comic con, and the jump right into some news and a very brief discussion of what I've been testing and what I will discuss in the future. I did not answer any questions today.

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00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Recording with a Different Mic!?
01:35 - Sleep Less, Do More, Have Fun!
04:10 - Phoenix Comic Con
10:47 - Do You Even Podcast Panel
12:16 - Learning from my Mistake
13:30 - News Intro
14:03 - John Oliver News
15:53 - Midroll Media Purchase
17:05 - MUSIC OF THE WEEK!!!!
17:55 - What I’ve Been Testing
18:35 - Outro

Bandrew's Everyday Carry (January 2016)

If you spend 1/100th as much time on youtube as I do, you have come across EDC's or Every Day Carry. Most of them contain weapons and tools, but mine is much simpler and not as exciting as people who carry knives and guns. This really contains everything that I need on a day to day basis. It's pretty simple, cheap and easy. To be honest, I just really like these videos so I figured I would make one.

Apple iPhone 6 (128gb):
Streamlight Micro Stream:
Fisher Space Pen:
Paracord Key Chain:
Field Notes:
Saddleback Wallet: