The Shrieker Podcast 009: Nicholas Hopkins

After making things awkward with baby chickens, Nicholas Hopkins returns to The Shrieker to talk to us about the development of his first game.

Cyclopean Stars is a lovecraftian (not to be confused with cthulhuian) Powered by the Apocalypse game. Nick felt driven to write this game because other games in the genre just don’t do what he wants. Call of Cthulhu, the first mythos game, introduced a sanity mechanic to RPGs. Trail of Cthulhu, using the Gumshoe system, created a more flexible investigation system. Tremulustries really hard to emulate Call of Cthulhu, which was a misstep in Nick’s estimation. In Cyclopean Stars Nick wants to make a modern, narrative driven, long term game that is low prep (with a procedurally generated mysteries) that lets players quickly get wrapped up in a messy, corrupting world where you can’t help but get isolated from your past live. Nick’s game is still pretty early in it’s development but he’s hoping to playtest it as much as possible at Origins. You can follow or get involved in the development of Cyclopean Stars on the game’s G+ community.

This month you can download a Lovecraft inspired Apocalypse World style front, ready to drop squamulous horrors into your game.

The Free RPG Society: Quill is a pay-what-you-want, solo RPG based on letter writing. It’s fun but might not actually be an RPG. Look for a full a review on the Geeks Rising blog.

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Logan's Top 5 Shows of 2015

Its already been stated but bares repeating, Television/Shows have evolved and we live in a time where some of the most compelling stories being told are on your home screens and not in the theater anymore. Now that I have mentioned that let us get into my top 5 shows from 2015 because there are just so many and so many more I could have easily put on this list.

5. Last Week Tonight

The 5 spot goes to John Oliver because aside from reading the internet, this show is how I get my news. The show is smart, quick and brings up news that is otherwise not talked about. Last Week Tonight gets to be funny and intelligent while not catering to click bait or sponsors. I just really enjoy this show from this british man.

4. Masters of None

Master of None was a sleeper pick for me. The Netflix original show starring and created by Aziz Ansari is hilarious and relateable, so many times I found myself thinking "Damn that's how I feel." Master of None is like Louie but aimed at thirty somethings. Aziz sturggles to make it in the world of acting and the world of relationships but you laugh and enjoy the entire thing.

3. Daredevil

I honestly didn't think a superhero show would make the top 5. Even though I do love "The Flash" and "Arrow" it is Daredevil that elevates the game of comic book shows. Daredevil is dark, yes, but it has heart and doesn't feel like it's pandering to the audience. The show is a slow build to a satisfying ending. Matt Murdock becomes the man without fear and we get to watch it in all of its glory. The real stand out in the show is the fighting. Whom ever was behind the choreography nailed it, every punch thrown in the show has weight and the action felt up close in the best way. I am excited by the easter eggs that were left and can't wait to binge watch season 2.

2. Justified

This show shouldn't need an explanation for why it is my number 2 of the year, but I am already here so I mine as well go on with it. Justified came to an end this year and provided a most satisfying ending without being fan service. Raylan Givens is a BA and the show that started of being based on the book series by Elmore Leonard. Timothy Olyphant is fire in the show and was born to be Rylan. This is a must watch series.

1.  Rick and Morty Season 2

This was not an easy decision, the whole list is made up of fantastic shows and I easily could have listed just five comedies or five drama shows but I tried to not fall into that trap, which made picking number one all the more difficult. The number one sport goes to Rick and Morty for being instantly funny and rewatchable. Dan Harmon blends amazing story telling and meta jokes like no other story teller I have seen. The "Doc and Marty" duo is perfect and I can't help but quote the show. I only dream of making a story on this level someday. Three cheers for Rick and Morty.

A Brief History of Taco Bell

It is rare that you get to take the fact that you ate 3 meals at Taco Bell in a 2 day period and turn that into a creative project. Well, now is one of those moments. I did a bit of research and teach you about the history of Taco Bell. The founder. The Baja Blast. The Space Station Target. As much as I can cram into just over four minutes. Let me know what your favorite taco bell item is in the comments down below. See y'all on Thursday and don't forget to Think Outside the Bun!

A Brief History of Youtube

If you are anything like me, you rely heavily, and I mean heavily, on YouTube. This is the site you go to for your entertainment and enjoyment. It's has successfully replaced the need for cable because not only is there more content, but it's exactly what you want!

The thing I love about youtube most is the fact that you can find whatever it is you want on there. Whether it be a Let's Play video or a Mic Review or a Critical Analysis of Moby Dick! It's all there, and it's all pretty dang cool. Thought I would pay homage to the site by compiling a brief history of their site and sharing it with everyone. 

PS: I missed my 10 year YouTube anniversary, and I'm bummed about it!

SFCCC: Robert Mukes

When you see Robert Mukes, you automatically think Rufus, from House of 1000 Corpses. He has accomplished a lot more than this one film, but regardless, lets start with the 2003 horror classic.

After House of 1000 Corpses was completed, it sat on the shelf for 3 years. Universal didn't want to release it and MGM didn't want to release it. They simply did not understand the energy. Ultimately, Rob Zombie had to purchase the film back and find Lions Gate who was willing to Release it. 

Robert says that he's Incredibly fortunate to have been a part of House of 1000 Corpses. A film that very few studios believed in initially, but once someone gave it a chance, it became a cult classic.

Through Robert's experiences, he is able to bring a unique perspective to his roles. As a child, he was a little kid who was picked on by bigger kids from the rough crowd. This provided him a lot of fuel for his roles. Now that he is, to say the least, a much larger man, he is able to channel those experiences that most people his size do not have. This leads to more authentic portrayals on the big screen. This ability mixed with his stature makes for a very unique and memorable actor.

When it comes down to it. Robert Mukes is just a guy who loves his work, and is ready and willing to do a lot more of it. He is a lot like House of 1000 Corpses. The film is done, and ready to be seen, full of raw energy, he just needs the right people to place in him the same faith that Lions Gate put in to House of 1000 Corpses, and they will get their very own classic Actor.

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