BSP-069: The Verge is SO Wrong About YouTube!

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - Rumors about MacBook Updates
02:28 - PodCon
04:25 - Update to Google Adsense
07:58 - The Verge is SO wrong about YouTube
17:14 - Facebook Entering eSports Market
18:20 - Signal Approved for Senate Use
18:45 - Updates to Twitter’s Privacy Policy
23:15 - TV & Movies of the Week
23:44 - Ask Bandrew
26:18 - Outro

On episode 69 of the BSP, I talk a rumored macbook line update which is expected at WWDC, a new Podcast Convention, and some updates to google adsense which I hope will make the transition to YouTube soon.

Next, I go on a lengthy rant about an article on the verge and how wrong they are about their stand on YouTube Super Chat. Next, I cover Facebook entering the eSports streaming market, signal being approved for senate use, and lastly talk about the changes to Twitter’s privacy policy.

In TV & Movies, I remind everyone that Master of None season 2 is live on netflix. In the Ask Bandrew segment, I provide an update to last weeks Video / Audio syncing issue, and then answer a question about a budget mic for recording guitar.

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