Office Space

This movie is an instant classic. A movie that you will come back to over and over again. Even if you cannot relate 100% to the office environment, the over arching themes and characters are relatable to any work environment. 

When I first saw this film, I was in high school and did not fully understand the genius of it. However, once I got an office job in college, this film took on a whole new life. I was witnessing in real time, characters from this movie taking part in scenes from this movie. I dealt with a real life Milton, and a real life "Corporate Accounts Nina Speaking". It truly is eerie, how well this movie mirrors the real world.

The acting is good. The story is good. But that's not what makes this film. The subtle jokes and mannerisms throughout the entire movie are what make it gem. Every single character including the background extras are relatable to someone you have dealt with in a professional capacity.

This film is just a perfect storm of awesome. I know that this film will not work for everyone, but here's what I recommend. Next time you have a crappy day at work, and your coworkers are driving you nuts, rent this film. Throw it on. And feel the wave of calm wash over you. That's when this film really shines, after a really crappy, stressful day at work. That's how I watch it, and every time, it makes me feel better.