The Paper Robots Episode 70: Eric Schock

Hey everybody! I got special guest Eric Schock on the show. The man who started Evil Robo Productions and is a creator/artist/writer of comics.

Currently Eric is working Thomas Keith on a Golden Age hero know as "The Raven" which release in AZ 8/3/2016.

We also discuss a few things including tips on being creative.


  • Having a regime
  • Creating is about dedication and treating your creative work like a "real job"
  • Creating a schedule and a everyday task.


  • Twitter- @Eric_Schock
  • IG- @EricSchockArt
  • Evil Robo


The Paper Robots Episode 63: Thomas Keith Returns

Tommy is back on the show and we are talking about a comic he is working on called The Raven with Eric Shock. The comic is from the golden age of heroes and we cant help but talk about the history of comics/superheoes as well as our futures in writing.

The Raven is on IndieGoGo right now so go check it out and support some awesome people!

The Raven

Sillie Monkie Comics

Evil Robo

Tommy- IG: TLKeith51

Eric-IG: itsarobothing