Comic creator Jason Pittman returns to the podcast for a live stream of his Kickstarter graphic novel project, "The War for Kaleb: A Superhero Story about Anxiety." 

This episode was livestreamed on 4/11/18 at 7pm PST

Jason has created a 3 issue story and is collecting it into on fantastic book. On this episode we chat about the process of making comics, the ups and downs of Kickstarter and why we love makes comics and telling stories.

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Thoughts on Think Tank

Get ready to learn with this edition of Do You Even Comic, Think Tank.

Before you read the review here is a link to read issue one by Matt Hawkins from Top Cow, for free; Think Tank #1


Matt Hawkins- Writer @topcowmatt

Rahsan Ekedal- Artist @RahsanEkedal

The Book

Published in 2012 by Top Cow and solicited as a limited series is now on its 4 volume by creative team Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal.

The story follows Dr. David Loren who is a wunderkind and brilliant young man of science on top of being inventor, genius, slacker... mass murderer. He is the military think tank’s smartest scientist and decides he can no longer stomach creating weapons of destruction. Dr. David Loren, employed by DARPA  and working as weapon designer, he has made him disillusioned.

Will he be able to think his way out of his dilemma or find himself subject to the schemes of a corrupt system and tool for absolute power.

You might have heard this before, our government can't be trusted and is secretly evil but never have you read a book like Think Tank .A plot driven by real science and possibilities where the question is asked, What if these weapons or technologies were misused?  Volume one has the series almost heading into world war 3 and it is a brilliant read. The books believability has you reading every word til the end.

To put it simply Think Tank is science, humor and an intelligent plot.

Why this Book?

I grabbed this because I saw a Top Cow panel at Emerald City Comic Con 2014 and saw Matt Hawkins talking passionately about this project. More than that I gave it a read since it was the supernatural element of Top Cow I had normally seen.

What made me enjoy this book was Dr. David Loren, he is kind of like Tony Stark without the frat ego or alcoholism, he's a nerd and owns it. The character is an inventor but not how the inventions are being used. While trying to get free from the corruption he is thrust into being a hero for his freedom and the lives of millions of people.

Yes, a few changes in characters happen between the issues might have you playing catch up but this is a minor gripe. I can connect to David’s life in the sense that he is stuck in a job that he no longer agrees with and I think we have all been there.

Ekedal’s art has a level of detail and care that has you looking and following every panel. The facial expressions and action scenes are especially worth paying attention to. On top of that there are pop culture references to Star Wars, Obi Wan with things like the “suggestion gas” which are a fun nod.

Matt Hawkins distills military and science is a digestible read and as the book suggests with it’s warning, “it might make you smarter,” I did feel smarter after having read this book.

Lastly I truly enjoy the fact that Matt Hawkins did this project simply because he wanted to, it has gone to be well received and my favorite Top Cow series.

I encourage you to check out the “Science Class” breakdowns at the end of the book where the technology referenced is discussed. Hawkins also leaves details to the sources of the technology weapons that already exist or have been tested. I love that a book based in heavy science is also very strong in detail as it should be.




As a bonus  I (Logan) did and interview with one of the creators, and President of Top Cow Matt Hawkins and I truly felt like I learned so much from with brilliant and well spoken human.


Welcome to this weeks episode!

A veteran of the comics industry Matt Hawkins. We chat about everything from his passion for science to traveling from convention to convention and industry as a whole.

FOLLOW: @topcowmatt  @TopCow

Matt has had a career in comic book publishing since 1993 and has been working as a creator, writer and executive. Now President/COO of Top Cow since 1998, Matt has created and written over 30 new titles for Top Cow/Image.

Matt Hawkins work includes: Think Tank, The Tithe, Necromancer, VICE, Lady Pendragon, Aphrodite IX, Tales of Honor as well as handling the company’s business affairs.


Touring the comic of Teenage Switchblade!

Get ready for comics like you do for a gig cause its time to follow the band; Teenage Switchblade (a Fuck off Squad Story) in this edition of Do You Even Comic.


  • Dave Baker -@xDaveBakerx
  • -Action Hospital, Suicide Forest
  • Nicole Goux -@NicoleGoux
  • -Fuck Off Squad, This Is Not A Girl Gang

The Book

Teenage Switchblade follows an electro-punk band at the end of their tour. Making their return home to Los Angeles the goal is simple finish the tour, and don't break up. Time wears on all the band members and life seems make them face plant as everything comes to a head at the in of the tour. There is also some great Deep Space 9 reference for those of you inclined to like Star Trek.

Why this Book?

I know Dave Baker and I original saw this book on Kickstarter, I had yet to read his work but was already interested when the pitch mentioned it follows the lives of kids in a band on tour. 

I was once a bass player in bands and before that I loved the idea of being in a band, in fact I owned the Blink 182 tour documentary and have watched it way too many times with my brother growing up. Along with many other music documentaries. Needless to say that always was something that caught my eye was traveling in a car going from show to show just having fun.

Now this book goes into the personal sides of as the small band traveling around meets love and loss. Teenage Switchblade fights to stay together on the last leg of their tour I found myself turning pages of amazing artwork by Nicole Goux. The tonality and paneling achieved in this book inspires me to push for creative layouts in my own work. I really dig this book and its well worth the read as well as supporting some awesome creative people.


Teenage Switchblade

More comics at


I (Logan) did and interview with one of the creators, Dave Baker:


Podcast Questions!

This week marks the start of a new monthly segment PQ's (Podcast Questions)! These shows will ranges from serious and thought provoking to the silly or absurd questions that I can think of or more importantly the questions that you the listeners tweet in! 

This episode features; Bandrew Scott of @Podcastage and Cynthia Gerriets of @Tentimesatiger. The theme is comfort and everything that means like your comfort food or being uncomfortable with our art.

-IF you want you questions on the show Tweet:  @thatlogan OR@Paper_Robots #podcastquestions

Get more of Bandrew, Cynthia and myself (Logan) in the links below:


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Understanding Underwater Welder

Grab your wet-suit as we take a deep dive into this month’s Do You Even Comic with The Underwater Welder.


Created by Jeff Lemire (Artist/Writer) and released by Top Shelf Productions in August, 2012.

The Book

Described as an un-aired episode of the “Twilight Zone”, this graphic novel blends blue collar fatherhood with a splash of sci-fi.

Jack Joseph has a job welding pipes underwater for an oil rig off the coast of Nova Scotia, the small town he grew up in. Things should be great; he has a wife, a baby on the way, and a  good job, but things aren’t great. He is constantly distracted and haunted by the disappearance of his father, on Halloween night 20 years ago and never returned. Now with a son on the way, and Halloween drawing near, things begin to pull Jack deeper down as he gets lost in thought. Reality fades away when Jack passes out while working on an underwater rig. Jack is left to reflect on the loss of his father and the reality of becoming one himself.

Why this Book?

It’s important to note that Jeff Lemire created this book just after having a child of his own. It’s clear the trials and tribulations of fatherhood were on his mind during the creation of The Underwater Welder. The parallels to Jeff’s actual life only add to the work of a creator who is known for being personal. I know all artists and creators put themselves into their work to some extent, but in Lemire’s writing and art you can feel it and connect to it on a level that makes it feel familiar, even upon the first viewing.

The minimalist art of Lemire becomes visual poetry as you turn each page in this tale. The line work accompanied by the black and white creates a perfect atmosphere for a book about keeping the ghosts of the past and worries of the future at bay. This book compliments his work on DC’s Animal Man but also acts as a testing ground for paneling which would be put into practice in Trillium (another original story by Lemire released in 2015).

Typically these types of stories are something I would experience through TV or movies, but to be able to hold this book in my hands and be brought to tears is a unique and personal experience that cannot truly be explained. Lemire has always been a creator I have followed, but this book really stood out to me. I admit that I am the type that falls for parent/child moments. My heart strings still get tugged when a parent wants nothing but the best for their child while continuously fearing the worst. To this day my Mom still calls and asks if I put my jacket on in the cold weather (I am a grown man mom, but yes I did because it’s cold out and I live in a new state).

As we get older it’s easier to realize our parents didn’t know everything, but regardless, they became parents and did their best. So when I read or watch these stories I feel connected, and I am left wondering how I will be as a parent. Will I still be figuring it out or will I be haunted by the fears of my past as a dumb kid, not knowing anything.


The Underwater Welder

The Paper Robots Podcast Episode 79: Cartoonist Josh Shalek

This episode is with guest Josh Shalek creator of the comic "Falling Rock National Park." He is a long time cartoonist who I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago. Since meeting him we have stayed in content and I ask him about the life of a cartoonist compared to a comic book artist.

Check out and follow his work:

Josh Shalek on social media: @kid_Shay



The Paper Robots Episode 77: Artist Zip Alegria

This episode features the artist Zip Alegria. This man has been in the scene for awhile and done a little of everything in the art world. Zip has worked on storyboards and animation as well as directed his own short films and created his own comic. 

We dive into the needs of a creator and how having time, space and the money for you work is so important.

Support this creator by checking out his work below:

Image Comics makes move to Portland OR

Breaking news from Comics Beat , Image Comics  is relocating to Portland, Oregon.

Image currently resides in Berkeley, CA and Image Central (non-editorial office) will be relocating. Rumors had surfaced the past and Image has declined comments on the move but if accurate this would mean Image Central and its relatively small staff will relocate.

Portland is already ripe with both creators and publishers; Oni-Press and Dark Horse and talents like Kelly Sue Deconnick. This will continue  to keep the trend that Portland is "Heart Land" of comics in the U.S.

All this news is excellent for Geeks Rising staff writer and self published comic writer Logan Naugle who is moving up there this September. More News to follow as this story unfolds.

The Paper Robots Episode 69: Comic Book Sex Questions

Tino and Lauren join me in an epic discussion about all the sex in comics. We answer questions from our first memories of sex in comics to the question about boob windows.


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  • #JusticeforHarley
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Do You Even Comic: Rat Queens


Time to band together and collect our rewards as we venture into this month's Do You Even Comic with Rat Queens.

The History

Released in September of 2013 by Image Comics, Rat Queens is written by Kurtis J. Wiebe with art by various artists. The book started with art by Roc Upchurch, followed by Stjepan Sejic taking over and now Tess Fowler is the current artist. The concept for Rat Queens was pitched and described like this "Lord of the Rings meets Bridesmaids." Its a book that blends fantasy with a modern twist. Since its release it has been nominated for Eisner Awards and GLAAD Awards. Unfortunately the book is currently on a hiatus but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the story that is out there now.

The Story

The story takes place in the fantasy town known as the Palisades and follows the Rat Queens, a group of beer swirling, foul-mouthed, female mercenaries. They aren't the most popular bunch among their fellow mercs and they don't follow traditions, but that's all the more reason to love them.

The team: Hannah (Rockabilly Elven Mage), Violet (Hipster Dwarven Mage), Dee (Atheist Human Cleric), and Betty (Hippy Smidgen Thief).

The Rat Queens often finish quests, leaving their town in ruins while constantly pissing off the other mercenaries who quest in the surrounding area. The story sees the Rat Queens having to face Corrupt business men and assassins. As they face serious threats they don't seem to care too much about this Dungeons and Dragons lifestyle.

Why this book?

What brought me to this book was the word of mouth praise it had been receiving and by the time volume one ("Sass and Socery") hit the shelves, I had to check it out. The book did what a lot of books what to do, it took a genre and put a fresh new spin on it.

Seriously I laughed out loud at some of the lines and hey they play with tropes of fetching quests. I love that it is infused contemporary themes.

I enjoyed every issue that has come out and hope that after the creative differences are settled we will be able to read more Rat Queens.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes adventure/fantasy/jokes.

Book: Rat Queens Deluxe Ed.

The Paper Robots Episode 63: Thomas Keith Returns

Tommy is back on the show and we are talking about a comic he is working on called The Raven with Eric Shock. The comic is from the golden age of heroes and we cant help but talk about the history of comics/superheoes as well as our futures in writing.

The Raven is on IndieGoGo right now so go check it out and support some awesome people!

The Raven

Sillie Monkie Comics

Evil Robo

Tommy- IG: TLKeith51

Eric-IG: itsarobothing

Do You Even Comic: Locke & Key

Let's unlock our minds and hearts as we dive deep into the house of Lovecraft with this month's Do You Even Comic Locke and Key.

The History

Createdteam Joe Hill with IDW Publishing put released the series Locke & Key back in 2008. You might recognize the name Joe Hill based of his novel Horns whichs was turned into a movie staring Daniel Radciffe or the fact that his father is Stephen King. The art was illustrated but s Gabriel Rodiguez who doesnt have a long list of credits but was awarded the Eisner for his work on this book. I also want to point out Jay Fotos the talented colorist who helps make this book so beatiful.

The Story

Locke & Key is the story of the Locke family and is told in present day with flash backs to several other time periods. Tyler, Kinsey and Bode Locke move back with their mother to the family estate in Lovecraft, Massachusetts after their father is murdered. That event kicks off a mystery that continues to unfold for the entire series. 

Sam Lesser a teen in the juvenile detention speaks to a dark spirit in the water of his cell, while the Locke kids start to discover magical keys in there home. The Locke home becomes a center peice for the story as magically keys are found and the history of their family/ house is realized. The power of the keys is dark and strong while a curse was put on them to make adults forget as they grow older the teens of the Locke family have to stop the power of the keys from coming out and destorying everything.

Basically the pitch for Locke & Key is that teens discover these magical impossible keys in a house and must protect them/ use them to stop the black gate from being opened.

Why this book?

I discovered Locke & Keyn in 2011 during free comic book day. But I remebering reading it and not caring. The issue took place in the middle of action where the Locke kids had to use a key and fight a demon. I didn't know the story and felt lost. I actually thought the story was for a younger audience since everyone was so young in that free issue. So six minths later my brother is reading volume one of Locke & Key and tells me how its well written and very engaging. I gave it another shot and we both became hooked.

The teens and family elements used in the book are touching and you don't want to see your main characters get hurt but the book is dark and sometimes they do. Plus the use of impossible keys like one that opens your brain and allows you to store knowledge ( or take it away) is pretty amazing too.

I highly recommend this beautiful collection of books for anyone who likes adventure/horror/family.

Book: Locke & Key

Day 26 by Logan Naugle

Click the link to Read/Download Comic :

Day 26 (PDF)

Hey everybody! Here is my second comic for you all to check out. 

This book is "Day 26". It follows a writer who gets away to a shabby apartment complex to finish his screenplay, but there is more than meets the eye at the building and it isn't exactly what he pictured for a retreat.

This story launched at Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2016 as a part of collected horror stories in "Waiting Nightmares 2" with Joshua Green.


  • Art by Tania Verdugo
  • Written by Logan Naugle
  • Featured in "Waiting Nightmares 2"


The Paper Robots Episode 61: Mike Olivares

Who is Mike Olivares? He is a busy guy helping the comic scene in Tucson as well as many other creator projects. Mike runs Xpanded Universe Toy/Art Gallery, founded Tucson Comic Con, creates designer toys and does a few other things I can't mention yet.

We chatted at the shop and I had a chance to pick his brain about getting started in this comic-con culture. It was such a blast!


Superhero Sunday: Bucky Barnes

We are all the good kid and the bad boy in this Superhero Sunday with Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.

The History

 James Buchanan Barnes the boy solider and sidekick to Captain America was created by the team Joe Simon and none another than Jack Kirby in March 1941 appearing in Captain America #1. The book was printed by Timely Comics the predecessor to Marvel Comics. The character was created and named simply Bucky at first and was made to be a sidekick for Captain America. Bucky would go on to appear in several teams and stories before his death in the comics until 2005 when Ed Brubaker had a unique way to bring him back.

The Character

James Buchanan Barnes born in 1925 in Indiana he was an orphan and was adopted by a solider. James had a love of the army to and help the troops, though underage he snuck his was into the army and would help the troops. One day in 1940 at camp he walked into Steve Rogers tent and saw Steve putting on the Captain America helmet. After some convincing Steve Rogers agreed to train James and let him be a sidekick of sorts. The army agreed to let him fight to help rally the youth of America to support its troops and with Bucky being at the side of Captain America. James changed his name to Bucky after his middle name Buchanan.

Bucky helped Captain America fight the Nazis and was even a scout for a super team known as The Invaders for a brief time. Throughout missions and years Bucky would help defeat Nazis and Hydra. Flash Forward to 1945 and WWII was coming to an end. But Baron Zemo a commander of Hydra had an experimental plane he ridged with explosives to drop on the allies. Both Captain America and Bucky climb the drop plane as it flies over the ocean. They try to disarm the bomb and Bucky fails to do so. The plane explodes sending Captain America to the ocean where he freezes and isn’t discovered til years later. Bucky Barnes was presumed dead from the explosion (he was dead in the comics until 2005).

The Winter Soldier is born in the wake of Bucky’s death or his thought to be death. Turns out Russian soldiers find a frozen body missing an arm and barely alive. Bucky Barnes died that day in the snow and Hydra/Russian secret forces got a new weapon. Bucky would have his mind wiped and get a new metal arm. He was brain washed and turned into an assassin for evil. After missions he would be put in a life preserving chamber until he needed to be used again. The Winter Soldier would be used for years until he was caught up to Captain America in present day and they do battle. Captain America and the Avengers find out who this weapon is/was. Steve Rogers (Captain America) is so torn by this but must save Bucky from what he has become. Steve ends up capturing and Bucky and brings back memories.

Over the years in comics Bucky would have to deal with his dark past as well as find his place in the present without letting the guilt eat away at him. He would join the avengers and become a great hero even taking the mantle of Captain America in Steve Rogers brief absence just after Civil War.

Why this hero?

As Bucky Barnes he is a sidekick that we the readers relate too. I may not be a super solider but I can pretend to fight alongside him. He also was the representation of innocent kid who just wants to be enthusiastic and help the heroes. This only makes his death all the more tragic.  His resurrection as a villain is more than a gimmick and only makes the character richer and enriches the Marvel universe with more depth as well as bring a new element for Captain America. This is one of my favorite stories in all of Marvel comics history and it made me see how much you can do with people in costumes.

Recommended reading:

Do You Even Comic: Criminal

Let's look at the dark and gritty underbelly of humans in this month's Do You Even Comic: Criminal (series) created by the masters of noir Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips.

The Story

The series follows self-contained story arcs in the same world with minor overlaps. The stories follow two generations of crime that can't escape the consequnces of their histories. Center City is the main foucus with a common bar that is frequented. The character driven series is all about dealing with the actions and situations that each person has been put into.  Each volume is different with its only main foucs and main problems but each is also a fantastic read that build a work of crime fiction that only Ed Brubaker can do.

Why this Book?

Why? Ed Brubaker, and Sean Philips that's why. But also the series was given to me by my brother after I read and was reading Captian America by Ed Brubaker. His run is famous for bringing back Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soilder. His run also had this tone and aesthetic that wasn't in the Capt. books before and it put real consequences into the comic. Anyway that got me into his noir and other writing and I havent stopped reading his work since.

Buy the Book: Criminal

AACCC: Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2016

It had only been a month and here we are for the second convention of 2016. This weekend at Phoenix Convention center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona is the 6th annual Amazing Arizona Comic Con. The convention runs two and half days of programming and events from Friday 12th - Sunday 14th.

This con has amazing guests no pun intended, but the line up is full of talented artists and writers and creators;  Kevin Eastman, Chris Claremont, Rob Liefeld, George Perez, Ryan Ottley, Kyle Higgins and more like a fashion show, cosplay contest and anime. 

Here are some panels Im excited about through out the weekend.



"Waiting Nightmares 2" Comic Book Release with Logan, Joshua and Tania


10:30: Kevin Eastman signing (TMNT)

12:00: Captain America with Steve McNiven and Charles Soule

2:00: TMNT Q&A

3:00: This is X-Men with Chris Claremont

4:00: Writers Unite

5:30: Amazing Fashion Show 


12:00: Marvel Mutant Mayhem

1:00: Amazing Geek Fashion

3:00: The Voice! (Voice Acting Panel)

Now not all panels will be covered but you can expect lots of photos and article covering this con over the next week following the con.