Episode 78: Creators of the Fireborn Comic

This episode is a real blast with the creative team of the Fireborn Comic currently on Kickstarter!

We start the conversation with how creators get started like the origins of recognizing creativity and how you transition into making it your life. The goal is to not quit and not give up ever.  I bring up the idea there is no over night sucess and Chris and Kalie talk about the hard work of creating and making your own luck.

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Fireborn is web-comic/graphic ovel that follows a young multi-ethnic teen who discovers her heroic legacy when she develops powers from her mysterious tattoos. 

Kalie Stanton- Creator/Illustrator

Chris Bolton -Creator/Writer

BSP-023: Sleep Less, Do More, Have Fun - Phoenix Comic Con

On episode 23 of The BSP, I record the entire podcast with a different microphone. I also discuss the reasoning behind it and ask for your feedback. Then I share something with you that changed my life and hope that it can change your life for the better as well.

Following this, we discuss the Phoenix Comic con, and the jump right into some news and a very brief discussion of what I've been testing and what I will discuss in the future. I did not answer any questions today.

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00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Recording with a Different Mic!?
01:35 - Sleep Less, Do More, Have Fun!
04:10 - Phoenix Comic Con
10:47 - Do You Even Podcast Panel
12:16 - Learning from my Mistake
13:30 - News Intro
14:03 - John Oliver News
15:53 - Midroll Media Purchase
17:05 - MUSIC OF THE WEEK!!!!
17:55 - What I’ve Been Testing
18:35 - Outro