CWC-004: Nutmeg Illustrator and Comic Artist Jackie Crofts

Illustrator and Comic Artist as well as an avid video game and music enthusiastic and over all active human Jackie Crofts. We discuss her work on Nutmeg and what its like as an artist to have a comic wrap up.

Jackie works with various artist and we get into the collaborative process of comic book making as well as Jackie's first convention and the positive impact of meeting other creators.

Jackie Crofts

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The Paper Robots Podcast Episode 79: Cartoonist Josh Shalek

This episode is with guest Josh Shalek creator of the comic "Falling Rock National Park." He is a long time cartoonist who I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago. Since meeting him we have stayed in content and I ask him about the life of a cartoonist compared to a comic book artist.

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Josh Shalek on social media: @kid_Shay



The Paper Robots Episode 77: Artist Zip Alegria

This episode features the artist Zip Alegria. This man has been in the scene for awhile and done a little of everything in the art world. Zip has worked on storyboards and animation as well as directed his own short films and created his own comic. 

We dive into the needs of a creator and how having time, space and the money for you work is so important.

Support this creator by checking out his work below: