Sound Intone X2 Gaming Headset Review / Test

I am testing out another gaming headset. This time, it is the Sound Intone X2 Gaming Headset. This microphone was requested by our youtube viewer ZyDevs, and it will set you back on amazon about $22. 

What's In the Box

In this box you get 1 thing. 

  1. Gaming Headset

That's right. No spec sheet, no supplemental information. Just the headset and a single piece of paper that is in Chinese, so if you do not know how to read Chinese, you are out of luck. The back of the box does have a few specifications though.

Performance / Features

This is a PC gaming headset that connects using two 3.5mm cables; 1 for the headphones and 1 for the microphone. The cable is also about 2.5 meters, so you will never have to worry about the cable being too short.

The headphones are 40mm drivers and advertised as 20Hz - 20KHz. When conducting my headphone test I didn't hear anything above 19.5KHz, and I didn't hear any sound below 25Hz. In the low end, the sound was there, but it was not powerful. To further this test, I listened to some heavy bass music to see how these headphones performed, and there were almost no sub frequencies (roughly anything below 60Hz). These headphones severely lack the low end, so if you want really heavy bass, these are not the headphones for you.

The microphone is also advertised as noise canceling. When testing the polar pattern of the microphone, it seems to be omni-directional, picking up my voice from every direction. Then when I tested how much of the background noise it cancelled out from typing and clicking on a mouse, I found that it didn't seem to cancel out any noise. 


  • Low cost
  • Decent sounding microphone
  • Cloth wound cable


  • Poor build quality
  • Headphones lack bass response 
  • Microphone picks up keyboard and mouse noise
  • Microphone does not articulate
  • Minimal supporting documentation


I don't think that this headset is worth buying. The headphones feel cheap, they don't have good bass response and the microphone seems to pick up everything going on in the room. I cannot fault them for this because the headset is $22, however, the E-blue Cobra Gaming Headset, is a few dollars cheaper, and I believe performs better in all these areas. So if you are looking for a gaming headset for around $20, go for the cobra gaming headset

I should note that I hook this microphone up using a $6 USB Audio Adapter which provides 5 volts of power, improving the audio quality. If you have any questions about the microphone, leave them in the comments down below or on youtube and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for watching & reading. 

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