BSP-031: I'm Never Live Streaming on YouTube Again!!!

00:00 - Intro
00:52 - Live Streaming my Podcast on Facebook
02:00 - Beats Headphones Have Ruined the Headphone Market!!!
05:55 - Conspiracy: YouTube Drama
07:43 - Top 7 YouTubers
10:38 - New Resident Evil Film
11:35 - New Bad Santa 2 Trailer
13:20 - New X-Files!?
14:23 - Soylent & Coffee Drink
14:55 - Hulu Ending Free Service
15:51 - Comcast is Getting SUED!!!
16:24 - Rush A Farewell to Kings
16:43 - Plans for Future of this Podcast
17:50 - Why I Will Never Live Stream on YouTube Again!!!
23:40 - Throwback Clip (Warning: Explicit Content)
29:29 - Outro

On episode 31 of The BSP, I talk at length about my search for bluetooth headphones in order to be prepared for the iPhone 7 and how this search ultimately led me to the realization that Beats Headphones have absolutely RUINED the headphone marketplace.

I then talk about a conspiracy I came up with regarding all the youtube drama that has been plaguing the site over the last year, and how I think that it’s fake and essentially a new form of collaboration to help boost watch time/ad revenue.

Immediately following this, I share my top 7 youtube channels and why I subscribe and watch their videos. Then we go into a LOT of news.

For the last two section so the podcast, I talk about why I will never live stream on youtube again, and lastly for the throwback clip/analysis, I share a very interesting story from college.

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BSP-025: Being Authentic on Youtube & Podcasts

00:00 - Intro
01:27 - How You Helped Me last Week!
03:17 - Apple Dictation Tool
05:01 - Brexit
06:05 - New Amazon Kindle
06:55 - New Nasa App
08:02 - YouTube New
12:17 - Bit Torrent App
13:50 - Show & Tell X-Files
16:11 - Every Day Carry Stuff
20:23 - UFOs & Freaking Aliens
23:30 - Feed the Beast on AMC
25:16 - Music Recommendation
25:36 - Automatic
28:02 - Zenni Optical
30:20 - Why You Should Be Authentic on Youtube & Podcasts
39:04 - Outro

On this episode of BSP, I cover a LOT of topics ranging from the awesome advice you guys gave last week, to advice about being genuine on your youtube channel or podcast. There are also brief discussions of a BUNCH of youtube news, a new NASA app, and even a new BitTorrent app for iOS, Android, and Apple TV.

For what I have been testing, I briefly discuss what Automatic is and how I like, and then I talk about Zenni Optical, which is a super cheap glasses company that you can order online!

As stated, the main topic is why you should be genuine on youtube or your podcast. Since day one on YouTube, I have seen people copying formats and personalities of those who have been successful and then questioning why they in turn are not also successful. Hopefully you can get some information from this.

Podcastage Ep. 82: Water on Mars, X-Files, & The Daily Show

Greetings. Podcastage isn't dead yet so that means that there's another new episode. On this episode I do a brief introduction that is nonsense, and then get into the NASA announcement from Monday that there is water on mars (note: to the right of this is the video discussed in the podcast of my reaction to the announcement).

Following that awesome discussion, I briefly talk about how I relate to the x-files and then explore a possible reason why the X-files initially gained it's popularity, and why it is still relevant 20 years later. Finally, I end the podcast discussing Trevor Noah taking over The Daily Show, and certain people's reactions to this! Hope you enjoy.