Podcastage Ep. 74: Kanye for President of Wyoming

Watch this video after listening to the Podcast.

Greetings earthlings and welcome back. It's Wednesday and that means it's another podcast day. This episode is the longest solo podcast I have done yet, clocking in at about 33 minutes. But it covers a lot of areas. After all, it's titled Kanye for President of Wyoming!

So I start out with the typical Let's Learn Our Country segment where I discuss a brief history of the state of Wyoming. I then discuss the Kanye West presidential campaign, and then I go into an extended diatribe covering the absurdity of someone saying "I could do that" when experiencing a piece of art. There is quite a long discussion of the history of 12-tone compositional technique in there, because that stuff is SO TIGHT! I also have included a video of the Rites of Spring which I discuss briefly in the podcast. Hope you enjoy it.

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