BSP-171: Vox Adpocalypse & The War on YouTube

On episode 171 of the BSP, I analyze the Vox Adpocalypse and the War on YouTube, I provide a summary of the events between Steven Crowder and Carlos Maza, the articles from CNET and New York Times, what concerns me about these actions, and what I think you as a creator are able to do to avoid any kind of negative impact on your career. 

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00:00 - Intro
01:01 - #VoxAdpocalypse & The War on YouTube
01:24 - Summary of Events
03:24 - Why I Care About YouTube Hit Pieces
05:18 - My Issue With Steven Crowder’s Actions
07:00 - My Issue With Carlos Maza’s Approach
09:55 - CNET Wants Angry Gamers to be Demonetized!
12:20 - The New York Times Think YouTube Radicalizes People to the Far Right
14:18 - My Thoughts on the Drama & Hit Pieces
17:14 - What Should You Do to Protect Your Self as a Creator?

22:23 - WYHTS: Would You Have the Same Beliefs if You Had a Larger Audience?
24:05 - WYHTS: SM7b Hype!
24:47 - WYHTS: Outrage Only Seems to Occur Online?
27:03 - Ask Bandrew
27:54 - Voice Submission 1
28:17 - Unlimited Budget, What’s Your Audio / Studio Setup?
31:51 - Outro 
32:44 - Bonus: Mic I’m Using