BSP-043: Optimizing Your YouTube For Subs & Views

00:00 - Intro
01:30 - I Had a Meeting With Google!!!
02:58 - Casey Neistat is Ending His VLOG!
04:32 - EarBuds: The Podcasting Documentary
06:44 - Arrival, Amy Adams, 
08:13 - GoNovate Podcast EarBud
11:13 - Optimizing Your YouTube For Subs & Views
11:34 - Video Title Naming
13:40 - Video Descriptions
15:12 - Improving Actual Videos
18:58 - Thumbnails
20:48 - Overall Channel Page
21:51 - Creating Descriptive Playlists
23:57 - Outro

On today's episode of the BSP, I talk briefly about Casey Neistat's decision to end his daily vlog. Then I talk about two films that just came out that I am extremely excited about. First, EarBuds: The Podcasting Documentary, which I'm sure you could guess, is a documentary surrounding the podcast community. Secondly, Arrival, a sci-fi film that is a breath of fresh air amongst all the mindless stuff plaguing our screen.

Then I briefly discuss a product that I have been testing, the Go Novate bluetooth earbud before jumping into optimizing your youtube channel to acquire more subscribers and more viewers.

I cover Video Titles, Video Descriptions, Improving Videos, Thumbnails, Channel Descriptions, and Playlist creation.

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The Death of I Am Vlog

Hey everyone, so this is just a typical run of the mill Vlog. And I have realized something. This vlog really has no place on this website. I am going to continue to make these videos, however, when they are Vlogs like this, and not "A Brief History" video, or something along those lines, I do not think that I will be doing write ups on the site. It's just to keep the site from becoming a place where non informative and non helpful information is accumulated. I'm really trying to make this site something helpful to people, and these actual Vlog videos do not fit in the mix. So, if you want to make sure you get the Vlogs and not just the History of videos, make sure to subscribe to the Geeks Rising Youtube Channel