The Shrieker Podcast 013: Looking Back At Year 1

This month we look back at the past year of Shrieking and forward into the unavoidable vortex of uncertainty that is the future.

  • Phil Louis talked about Wrath of the Autarch in episode 1. After a successful kickstarter, his game is now available on DriveThru.

  • Jeff Dee discussed Monkey House’s legal battle over Villains and Vigilantes in episode 2. The trial reached a settlement in April.

  • Mark Diaz Truman got buried in a landslide of money after the 7th Sea Kickstarter and hasn’t been able to give Cartel the attention he wanted after episode 3. Hopefully he will soon.

  • Marissa Kelly, who gave us the scoop on Bluebeard’s Bride in episode 4, has gotten her game to the point where it’s in copy editing. There should be Kickstarter popping up for it soon.

  • Taylor Frank enthusiastically told us about Dungeon Lord, his Dungeon Crawl Classic fan zine, in episode 6. He was the target of death threats and other harassment from the RPG community and has left the scene.

  • Jonathan Zimmerman shared his first game, Nighttime Guardians, with us in episode 7. Now he’s working on revising and improving it.

  • Josh Van Laningham has continued to work for Level 99 Games since episode 8. The kickstarter for their BattleCON: Trials of the Indines is wrapping up very soon.

  • Nicholas Hopkins has been quietly working on his Lovecraftian Powered by the Apocolypse game, Cyclopean Stars, since episode 9. He hopes to give it public playtesting at New Mexicon this spring.

  • Scott Rhymer has been pushing Black Campbell Entertainment since episode 11. Their first module, White Apes of the Congo, should be released any day now.

  • Lee Francis hasn’t had much time since episode 12 but Indigenous Comic Con is still gathering momentum and promises to be an exciting event next month.

  • I have done a lot in the past year. I ran my first convention game at New Mexicon 2015. I released my first 3 games, Anything Helps for the 2015 Golden Cobra Challenge and Mudsling and Rainbow World for the 2016 200 Word RPG Challenge. I helped form the Albuquerque Area RPG Meetup Thursday Game Night, which has played 30 different games since January, frequently has two tables playing at once, and is introducing short form campaign games. I started an RPG club at a local middle school, getting a dozen new kids playing games. I helped organize New Mexicon 2016. I started doing art direction for Magpie Games.

For a variety of reasons, the Shrieker will now be going into a hiatus. During this time I will be working to restructure the show so that it can return better than ever. There will be short monthly updates of my progress towards that goal and the social media communities will remain active.

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The Shrieker Podcast 002: Jeff Dee

Jeff Dee talks to us about his legal battle over the rights to Villains and Vigilantes and the speculates on the where the strengths of RPGs will take the hobby in the future.

Jeff Dee entered the RPG industry as a teen, illustrating for TSR in 1979. Along with Jack Herman, he developed the first complete superhero RPG, Villains and Vigilantes. 1st and 2nd edition V&V were published by Fantasy Games Unlimited Incorporated in 1979 and 1982. In 1991 FGU unincorporated, effectively ending their publishing contract. FGU president, Scott Bizar, retained the name to the company and began selling the V&V rulebook and supplements electronically in 2010. Since then Jeff Dee and Jack Herman have fought Scott Bizar in court, winning back the copyright for the V&V text but, currently not the trademark for the name. You can help Jeff fight for creator’s right on his Go Fund Me page.

Having been a part of the RPG hobby since nearly its inception, Jeff Dee has a good perspective on where the industry is going. He marvels at the increased availability of games, and resources. There are free random generators for pretty much anything a player might need online. There are ample cheap printable paper miniatures at There are even customizable 3D printed miniatures, such as at, though the technology is still very expensive. Online virtual tabletops, such as Roll20, are allowing players around the globe to play together, though they will need to become easier to use.

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