BSP-129: YouTube Killing the Trending Tab, YouTube Strikes Alex Jones' Channel, & More

On episode 129 of the BSP, I explain why Patreon acquired, as well as cover Anchor launching a podcast studio, YouTube killing the Trending Tab, YouTube blocking Dislike button spam, The YT web player dynamically adjusting to fit a videos native resolution, YouTube striking Alex Jones’ channel, Twitch launching the Creator Camp, Apple fixing the Core i9 Thermal Throttling, Verizon launching a VPN, a new Stream deck from El Gato, and much more. 

Ask Questions:

00:00 - Intro
00:51 - Practicing What I Preach!
01:49 - I Do Enjoy Making Videos
03:32 - Why did Patreon Acquire
04:52 - Anchor Launches Podcasting Studio
06:28 - YT News Flash:
06:44 - YouTube Explore Tab Experiment
07:58 - Despamming Dislikes Button
08:28 - YouTube Web Player Adapting to Vertical Video
09:45 - YouTube Strikes Alex Jones
12:12 - Twitch Launches Creator Camp
13:20 - Apple Fixed Core i9 Thermal Throttling
16:10 - Verizon Launches a VPN
18:32 - Stream Deck Mini
19:24 - New Shure Gear?
20:41 - Suggested Film of the Week - Castle Freak
23:25 - Thoughts on a $300 Microphone Boom Arm
25:25 - Initial Thoughts on Rode Broadcaster
26:17 - What You Had to Say
26:44 - Apple Should Admit Fault to Regain Good Faith from Consumers
28:58 - Well Produced Videos are Essential Now
30:06 - Screen Recording & Digital Audio Routing
31:56 - Ask Bandrew
32:23 - Email 1
33:38 -
33:55 - Thoughts on Online Media Affecting Attention Spans
40:20 - Outro

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