BSP-047: I Have Become Too Paranoid

On episode 47 of the BSP, I talk about how much I hate Verizon Wireless & Comcast. I also talk about getting rid of Facebook and receiving the Pebble Refund. Finishing up the personal section of the podcast, I talk about how I have/will release 9 videos in 9 days.

In news, Microsoft announced speed boosts for Xbox One downloads, Twitch launching a mobile live streaming service, Amazon delivers a package via drone for the first time, Apple releases AirPods, Evernote nearly crashes and burns based on poor decisions, and twitter tells the government to do their own work.

As far as what I’ve been testing, I talk about a new VPN and my new cable service, and why I switched.

00:00 - Intro
02:09 - Recording with Different Microphone
03:31 - Getting Rid of Facebook Apps
04:40 - Pebble Refunds Are Coming!!!
05:25 - 9 Videos in 9 Days!
07:55 - Xbox One Download Speed Increase
09:33 - Twitch Mobile Streaming Service
11:05 - Amazon Drones
12:50 - Apple Removes Battery Time Remaining
14:10 - Apple AirPods Released!!!
16:08 - Evernote Alienates It’s Users
18:10 - Twitter Tells The Government to Get Lost
21:02 - Started Using a VPN
23:05 - Comcast Is The Worst
26:31 - Verizon Cancelled the Only Useful Service Option.
28:45 - Outro

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