BSP-053: VPN's Are Now Illegal in China

00:00 - Intro
02:58 - Original Bandrew Says Theme Song
03:46 - Recording with the Rode M3
04:17 - Thank Yous
06:42 - Be Careful at the Protests
07:26 - I Know Where My Trolls Live
10:16 - Australia is Using Biometric Scanning to Replace Passports
14:12 - Apple is Rolling Out Find My AirPods
15:30 - VPN’s are Illegal in China
17:32 - Did Trump Really Ban the EPA & USDA from Social Media?
22:19 - Supplemental Podcast Advice
24:58 - Outro

On episode 53 of the BSP, I talk briefly about the history of the bandrew says podcast and discuss the gear I’m using to record this episode, as well as let you know how you can request the gear I use to record a podcast. I then share my thank you’s with Stephen and S.P. of Better Podcasting for having me on their show, Panser (TradeChat) for providing advice, and the GiantBomb folks for suggesting the Podcastage youtube channel. During the intro I also ask people to be careful at the protests in the United States, and share how I was able to find out where my trolls live.

As far as news, I talk rather extensively about Australia’s plans to roll out Biometric scanning to replace passports, and what this means for our privacy, security, and my ability to find an Australian wife. I also cover Apple’s upcoming Find My AirPods feature, VPN’s Becoming Illegal in China, and try to tackle the question of whether or not Trumps administration really did Ban the EPA & USDA from Social Media.

The last portion of the podcast, I just add some supplemental advice for podcasters that I forgot to mention on the Better Podcasting show. Make sure to go check out Better Podcasting if you need advice on how to improve your hobby podcast, and also subscribe to Panser (Trade Chat) if you are looking for a new youtuber to follow who does awesome work, and acts as a positive influence on the world.

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