Podcastage Ep. 76: You'll Never Believe How Un-Racist Taylor Swift Is

How the heck does it feel! Being click baited into clicking and listening to this podcast. Not very good, but I know you couldn't help but find out what the blah is, and how freaking blah it is, because it is tremendously blah.

Anyways, now that I have tricked you into coming over here, it would be apropriate for me to tell you about this episode. The intro portion of this podcast, I discuss my first experience with someone attempting to troll my work online and how that conversation went, and how much fun it was. Then I share how I am attempting to improve as I get more free time due to increased efficiency and effectiveness. 

Then when we get into the actual episode, we get into the really good stuff. I discuss topics that I heard on Wil Wheaton's podcast, Radio Free Burrito, regarding celebrity and the expectations we place on them. I then go on a diatribe about how they are the reptilian elite and they will be feeding on our brains within the decade. And I end the podcast with a brief discussion of how non racist taylor swift is. Her video got her a lot of flack from the "media" but I think it is completely wrong in their statements of racism.