Paper Towns Review

I know, i know, I know. This review is not necessarily the most fitting within the context of the Friday Night Action Movie Book Club. However, full disclosure, I just saw the film, and I forgot to write a FNAMBC earlier...even fuller disclosure. I read the book and liked it, and enjoyed the movie as well. So... that's really why I'm writing about this. I'm sorry I lied. Moving on.

Paper Towns is a movie about a kid named Q who falls in love with his next door neighbor (Margo) when they are 8 or 9. In the years that follow, they drift apart and stop talking. But, as they are about to leave High School, they go on one last crazy revenge adventure, which I think I will call a Reventure.

The next day Margo leaves on her own adventure without telling anyone. This is not hard to hard for anyone to believe because she has run away so much in the past. Very few people seem to care about this except Q and his friends. They go on a hunt for clues to discover where Margo Roth Spiegelman has disappeared to...

I won't say anything more about the plot points, and I won't get analytical and discuss the over arching themes of the film, mainly because I cannot say them as eloquently as John Green. I will try and summarize it though... This film is a mixture of a coming of age film, a mystery book, a love story, and a road trip film. All these different genres, and ideas mix together very well and create a very fun and sweet film that people of any age can enjoy take something away from. I do recommend going to see the film, but only after you've read the book (link below). Don't forget to let me know what you think of the movie in the comments below.

PS: Don't go as a single guy who is almost 30. You will feel weird and get a lot of strange looks. I would know... Actually, screw that. Go and enjoy it anyways! 

PPS: Buy the book here...It's under $6! -