BSP-092: Issues with YouTube Demonetization

On episode 92 of the BSP, I talk about using the RE20 in this episode, and talk about joining the ranks of youtuber’s who have been incorrectly demonetized. I also talk about why this is a big problem for smaller creators.

In news, I talk about changes to Twitter’s ad disclosure, the ability to stream 4k on wireless, problems with the Google Pixel 2, a new Livestream Mevo, Amazon Cloud Cam, Amazon Key Service, Updates to YouTube Monetization, Bank of America 2fa, Equifax being investigated in the UK, and Social media companies being questioned about data collection.

I then share my top 5 horror films on netflix that you should watch on netflix to celebrate Halloween, and then answer the questions: Why can we only see one thing if we have two eyes, why jokes are funny, and will I make a video about my post processing for my podcast.

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00:00 - Intro
01:14 - Electro Voice RE20
02:23 - I’ve Been Demonetized & My Problem with YouTube’s Algorithm
06:34 - Twitter Identifying Ads, Ad Budget, & Ad Targeting
08:35 - Streaming 4k On Verizon Wireless
10:47 - Problems with the Google Pixel 2
15:05 - Livestream Mevo Plus
17:51 - Amazon Cloud Cam
20:08 - Amazon Key Service
23:28 - Updates to YouTube Monetization (
26:46 - Bank of America adding Fingerprint 2 Factor Authentication
29:40 - Equifax Being Investigated in the UK
31:28 - Social Media Companies Being Question of Data Collection
32:53 - Top 5 Horror Films on Netflix
38:24 - Ask Bandrew
39:24 - If Humans Have Two Eyes, Why Can’t We Look at Two Different Things?
41:27 - Why are Jokes Funny? (
46:12 - Will you make a video about post production on your podcast?
47:33 - Outro

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BSP-041: Top 5 Horror Films to Watch on Netflix

00:00 - Intro
00:38 - I’m not a goth
01:00 - Serious Problem with the Tech Marketplace
03:31 - 5 Horror Films to Watch on Netflix
14:02 - Vine is Shutting Down
18:16 - Brief Apple Event Rundown
20:08 - Brief New Windows All in One Rundown
20:57 - The Walking Dead S07E01 (No Spoilers)
23:15 - Vlogumentary
24:40 - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
27:16 - Outro

On todays horrifying episode of the Bandrew Slays Podcast, I talk about why I’m wearing all black. I also explain a serious issue I have with the current tech marketplace.

The main focus of this podcast is my discussion of 5 horror films that you should watch today on netflix. You don’t have to even pay for them. If you have netflix, you can watch them and scare the pants off yourself.

Then I briefly cover the vine shutdown, the apple event, and the new windows computer. After this I go into the media portion where I talk about the S07E01 of The Walking Dead (with no spoilers), Vlogumentary, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

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