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The episodes creator is host of the Sunshine and Power-cuts Podcast, a show about off the grid living as well as sharing inspirations and wellness drawn from nature. Its also about the connection we have to nature and to each other. Shes apart of the Geeks Rising podcast network and host the Sunshine summit which focuses on those connections to other people via live streamed conversations.

Creator Heather Welch

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August 2019 Sunshine Summit - Promo

Sunshine & PowerCuts, in association with Geeks Rising, proudly present the August 2019 Sunshine Summit. This brief audio promo introduces the event. Find all the details, save the dates and join us live at from the 10th-16th (11th-17th in NZ) August 2019 for the Sunshine Summit - for a week of livestreams to recognize and celebrate connections!

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BSP-111: YouTube Disinformation

On episode 111 I discuss Stephen Hawking passing away, Twitter live streaming MLS games, Apple acquiring texture and what this means, Trump creating a US Space Force, YouTubeTV’s price increase, YouTube’s fight with Misinformation / Disinformation, Chinese police using facial recognition glasses, Moviepass saying that they do not track you, and Apple picking up a new series from the creator of Bob’s Burgers.

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00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Sunshine Summit 2018
01:27 - Stephen Hawking Passed Away
02:40 - Twitter Live Streaming MLS Soccer
03:54 - Apple Acquires Texture
06:18 - Trump’s Space Force
07:42 - YouTubeTV Price Increase
08:21 - YouTube’s Continued Fight with Misinformation
10:46 - Chinese Police Using Facial Recognition Glasses
13:03 - Movie Pass States They’re Not Tracking You
15:48 - Apple Acquired Show from Bob’s Burgers Creator
17:27 - Ask Bandrew
17:41 - E-mail 1
18:17 - What mic did you use on BSP-108
18:28 - Was that mic Dynamic or Condenser?
18:45 - What are your thoughts on it?
20:03 - Do you use the DBX286s on your podcast?
22:11 - E-mail 2
22:51 - Thoughts on Crowdfunding
23:33 - Thoughts on Solar Power Start Up Investments
25:50 - One Piece of Investment Advice
26:25 - Email 3
26:59 - Did you know NASA is going to mars?
27:50 - Opinions on Emoticons?
29:32 - Most expensive & cheapest mic you’ve reviewed?
29:51 - Outro

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