BSP-082: Rent Movies in Theaters from Home

On episode 82 of the BSP I talk about Vudu coming to Apple TV, Apple investing $1 billion in original content over the next year, the ability to rent movies that are in theaters from home, youtube live viewer counters, and a new Snapchat feature. I also talk about a couple films I've watched over the last week, and answer some questions regarding why I don't have a cohost, why I haven't been doing live Q&A videos, and what I'd name my cat if I got one.

00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Dad Bod Bandrew
01:35 - Vudu Coming to Apple TV
05:27 - Apple Investing $1 Billion in Original Content
09:10 - Rent Movies in Theaters at Home!
12:23 - YouTube Live Viewer Counter
14:16 - Snapchat Stitching Footage Together for Single Stream
17:40 - Movies of the Week
20:07 - Ask Bandrew
20:30 - Would you want a cohost?
25:20 - Did I miss your live Q&A?
26:57 - What would you name your cat?
28:05 - Outro

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