Q&A 001: Shock Mounts, Singing, & Pop Filters

Greetings Earthlings, I am back with my very first Q&A video for you. On the first Q&A for podcastage, I answer three questions:

1) Will the BM700 shock mount stop my computers vibrations?
2) What's the difference between a Metal & Nylon Popfilter?
3) Is the BM-700 / NW-1500 good for singing?

I hope that you enjoyed the video, and that I sufficiently answered the questions you had. If you have any additional questions you want answered on the next Q&A video, leave them in the comments down below (on geeks rising or youtube). 

How to Install a Shock Mount

Hey everyone. I got another request from a viewer. This time for a tutorial on how to install a mic into a shockmount and how to install a shockmount onto a boom arm. It is pretty straight forward but I had fun showing him how to do so. If y'all have any requests for additional tutorials, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments down below or on youtube and I will get to them as soon as I can. See y'all later!