BSP-126: Companies Reading Your Gmail, Samsung Leaking Your Photos, & MORE!

On episode 126 of the BSP, I talk about Google Duplex potentially being implemented into Data Centers, 3rd party app developers having access & reading through your gmail accounts, Samsung randomly texting photos from your gallery to people in your contact book, and the Australian airports implementing biometric scanning as a proof of concept to roll out countrywide biometric scanning. 

Later, I share 4 audio books I’ve loved this year, get corrected about loud sound sources destroying condensers, talk more about the companies fighting California’s new privacy laws, and the possibility of paying for privacy. In the ask bandrew segment I cover what XLR cables I use, then cover the Space Force and if I believe this is leading up to disclosure, and end the podcast by showing an awesome Blue Yeti microphone fail on television.

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00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Thank You!
01:48 - The Biased SM7B Shill Returns
02:34 - Google Duplex Launching in Call Centers
04:58 - Google Gives 3rd Party App Developer Access to Your Gmail
* Google Blog:
* Google Security Check:
10:43 - Samsung Texting App Randomly Sending Photos from Gallery!
13:49 - Australian Airports Replacing Passports with Biometric Scanning
18:09 - Products I Wanted
19:08 - 4 Audio Books I’ve Loved this Year
* Audible Promo: (Affiliate Link) (66% off 3 Month Membership of Audible Gold) (7/2/18 - 7/17/18)
23:07 - Correcting Condensers Destroyed by Loud Sounds
24:42 - Opposition to California Law to Sell and BUY our information
27:01 - You ARE The Product! Paying for Privacy.
29:59 - Ask Bandrew
30:13 - Email 1
31:02 - What XLR Cables do you Use?
32:02 - Are Provided Cables Any Good?
33:02 - My Understanding of XLR Cables.
34:48 - Email 2
35:54 - Is Alien Disclosure on the Way?
40:53 - What Would The Public Reaction Be?
43:52 - What’s the Purpose of the Space Force?
46:18 - Email 3
46:40 - Serious Blue Yeti Microphone Fail
47:41 - Outro

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