What Is Frequency Response?

If you are shopping around for microphones, chances are you have seen the term Frequency Response all over the place. If you don't know what that means, you've come to the right place. You can watch the video to the right or read the very description below.

To put it simply, frequency response is the range of sound that a microphone is capable of picking up. The way that this measured is using Hertz (abbreviated as Hz). The lower the number, the lower the sound. For instance 20Hz is extremely low, but on the other hand 20,000Hz (also notated as 20kHz) is extremely high. The reason I used these two frequencies as an example is they are the outer limits of what are ears can hear.

Some microphones do not cover this entire range, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. The bane of most audio engineers existence is low frequencies. So if you have a microphone with a frequency response starting at 50Hz, this may help eliminate a lot of the trouble frequencies. The same goes for the high end. A lot of microphones do cover frequencies all the way up to 20kHz, but it's not necessary. One of the most popular microphones out there the Shure Sm58 has a frequency response of 50Hz - 15kHz. 

These specifications are well and good, but they really aren't that important unless you have very specific technical needs. What I think is most important is how the microphone sounds to you. So what I would recommend is finding a test video of the microphone you're looking for and seeing how you like the sound and let that information, couple with the specifications, help you decide what microphone is right for you.

Podcastage Ep. 77: New Mexico & Nicole Arbour

Greetings everyone.

On todays episode of podcastage, we cover a lot of ground. First we talk about old relationships and ex girlfriends who have children now. Then we go into the always fun Let's Learn Our Country, where we cover the state of New Mexico, even though we already have listeners in NM. And as I promised, I have included the video that I discuss in the news portion, in this post.

At around 16 minutes I go on another diatribe regarding public shaming in regards to Nicole Arbour. I think what has happened in this situation is Nicole Arbour was attempting to gain traction as an actress by gaining a large social media following by creating controversial youtube videos. By gaining a higher online following, she can leverage this when looking for new roles. People who are overweight (myself included) have had enough. We were made fun of one too many times and we snapped, unleashing all our anger and frustration onto a single person. All that anger we have is not caused solely by Nicole Arbour. It has accumulated over the decades that we have been treated poorly and picked on.

I think that Nicole Arbour made an unfunny, insensitive video in attempts to gain traction in an entertainment system that is horrible and exploitative, and that the public shaming ensued because overweight people have had enough. Nicole Arbour was just the unlucky one to be the straw the broke the camels back. 

Enjoy the episode, and for the love of the few good things left in this world, treat each other kindly please.