Samson Meteor USB Mic Review / Test

Today I tested out my most requested mic to date, the Samson Meteor USB Microphone.  This mic can cost from $50-$70 on amazon depending on the finish you get. I went with chrome because cosmetics don't matter and it was the cheapest. Now let's look more at this device.

What's In the Box

The packaging is nice, unlike most microphones I get, so it already stands out. The contents are very straight forward. You get the Microphone, USB Cable, Users Manual, and Carrying Pouch (I forgot to mention this in the video).


Performance / Features

The construction of this thing is awesome. All metal. Hefty. Sturdy feeling. I love it. There are two ports on this mic, the USB port (to hook up the mic to your computer), and a headphone jack (to plug in headphones, for 0 latency monitoring and computer playback).

On the front of the microphone there is a knob which controls the headphone volume. In the center of that is a button that can be used to mute the microphone. This would be useful if you are using this microphone for live streaming a game, or chatting on skype.



  • Sturdy Construction & Portable
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Headphone Jack on Microphone
  • Built in Stand / Compatible with Microphone Stand


  • No microphone gain control on microphone
  • Does not isolate sound that well
  • It's a USB Microphone (i.e. cannot use with different preamps to get different tones / or run through mixer to process sound prior to being recorded).


Overall, I think this is a pretty good little microphone. The samson line of mics seems to be created for portability and durability and the two that I have tested out so far (Samson GO & Samson Meteor) excel in those two categories. The sound on both of them is slightly lacking and won't provide the highest quality audio, but for a podcast, meeting, or class, this microphone will work great. If you are interested, I have included a link to the microphone down below.

If you have any questions about the microphone, leave them in the comments down below or on youtube and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for watching & reading. 

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