BSP-121: Vermont Fights Data Brokers, Podcastage Updates & More

On episode 121 of the BSP, I talk about my new series called Creator Case Study, the plans I have for the Podcastage youtube channel, Vermont regulating data brokers, iOS 11.4 going live and what the features are, What to expect from WWDC ’18, as well as answering your questions.

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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Thoughts on Creator Case Study Series
02:51 - Changes to Podcastage Programming
05:53 - Why are you drinking Starbucks?
06:49 - Vermont Regulating Data Brokers
12:15 - iOS 11.4 is live
13:58 - What to expect at WWDC ‘18
19:58 - What You Had to Ask Bandrew?
20:44 - Amazon Bugging Your Home or You Bugging Your Own Home?
21:42 - Would you recommend a shotgun mic for voice over?
24:08 - Should I buy a yeti or procaster for my new podcast?
27:18 - Outro

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BSP-114: Skype Podcasting Tools, Apple Mac Pro, Changes to YouTube Kids, and More

On episode 114, I talk about Skype rolling out a new content creator app, Apple rolling out a new RAW video codec, Apple moving off of intel chip architecture, Apple hiring Google’s AI leader, the Mac Pro being delayed until 2019, The shooting at YouTube HQ, an update to YouTubeTV, Youtube hand picking videos for YouTube Kids, Facebook adjusting how people are able to search on their service, and Mark Zuckerberg not firing anyone due to the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.


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00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Missing Next Week’s Episode
01:09 - What You Had to Say (Amazon Banking Accounts)
04:25 - New Skype Podcasting Tools
* (
06:45 - Apple Rolls Out New Video Format
08:19 - Apple Switching off Intel Chips and What This Could Mean
11:08 - Apple Hired Google’s AI Leader
12:13 - Mac Pro Delayed Until 2019
14:20 - YouTube HQ Shooting
* (
* (1-800-273-8255)
16:25 - Quick Update to YouTube TV
16:46 - YouTube Hand Picking Videos for YouTube Kids
* (ttps://
20:41 - Facebook Updating How People Can Search for you on Facebook
22:15 - Facebook Didn’t Fire Anyone over Cambridge Analytica
24:32 - Ask Bandrew
24:48 - YT Comment 1
25:03 - Is Go Pro Abandoning the Chinese Market?
26:14 - Email 2
26:28 - Where’s the Serial Number on the Samson C01U Pro?
27:02 - Email 3
27:59 - Do you sell your mics?
28:47 - What’s a good mic for streaming? 
29:30 - Email 4
30:16 - What do you think about the Paul Brothers podcasting and twitch streaming?
31:57 - What do you think of you tubers in general all starting podcasts?
33:54 - Adjustments to this episode of the podcast
34:38 - Outro 

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BSP-110: Twitter Wants to Verify Everyone!

On episode 110, I talk about Washington State passing their own Net Neutrality laws, Facebook launching a breaking news tag, Twitter wanting to verify everyone, New youtube analytics coming soon, YouTube TV partnering/sponsoring the MLB, Movie Pass tracking you, Facebooks new App Locker collecting more data on you, and a new At The Gates album launching!

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00:00 - Intro
00:39 - Upcoming Live Stream Friday 3/16/18 8:00PM EST
01:31 - Done with the TLM103
02:13 - Washington State vs Net Neutrality
04:20 - Facebook Breaking News
06:40 - Twitter Wants to Verify Everyone!
11:41 - New YouTube Analytics
14:41 - YouTube TV & The World Series
17:33 - Movie Pass is Tracking You!
21:20 - Facebook VPN & App Locker are Tracking You!
24:07 - New AT THE GATES Album!
24:45 - Ask Bandrew
25:04 - E-mail 1
26:05 - Is the SM58 Worth the extra $60 over the SM48?
31:12 -  Email 2
32:58 - What’s your Favorite YouTuber?
34:21 - Can you use the Rycote Shockmount with the SM7b
35:10 - Email 3
35:19 - What’s the most embarrassing moment in your life?
35:42 - Where would you want to visit?
36:30 - Have you been abroad?
36:46 - Outro

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BSP-100: How I Failed in 2017

On episode 100 of The Bandrew Says Podcast, I celebrate the centennial episode of this show. I talk about how I failed in 2017, my goals for 2018, my story of quitting drinking, and my favorite tech of 2017.

In news I talk about Apple Battery Replacement, Lawsuits Against Apple, YouTube Being Deactivated on the Amazon FireTV, a Swatting Toll Leading to Death, and Your Browser Password Manager Leaking Your Info.

In other areas of the podcast, I share some horror films I’ve watched this year, forgetting to hit record, best wav mic for the Zoom H6, Dynamic Mic Comparison Videos, Upgrading from the Canon T6i, my favorite fast food, and much more.

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00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Different Episode Style This Week
01:20 - How I Failed in 2017
06:51 - My 2018 Goals
10:55 - Why I Quit Drinking (3 Year Soberversary)
21:00 - My Favorite Tech of 2017
28:50 - Apple Battery Replacement Price & Lawsuits
30:28 - YouTube Deactivated on Amazon Fire TV
31:25 - Swatting Troll Leads to Death
35:42 - Your Browser Password Manager is Being Exploited
37:50 - Horror Film Binge List
39:30 - Ask Bandrew Segment
40:00 - E-mail 1
40:41 - Do You Watch The Daily Show?
41:23 - Have You Ever Forgot to Record or Plug Microphone?
42:29 - E-mail 2
42:40 - Best Lav Mic for Zoom H6
44:50 - E-mail 3
45:20 - Will You Use the TLM102?
45:46 - Will You Compare the PR40, RE20, RE320 & SM7b?
47:17 - Worst Mic You’ve Reviewed?
48:15 - Do You Want to Upgrade from the Canon T6i
50:30 - E-mail 4
50:55 - Do you like fidget spinners?
51:42 - Why Did I Start Podcasting?
52:23 - Do you like Football/Soccer?
53:26 - Favorite Fast Food?
54:08 - Outro!!! 

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BSP-089: Google, The New Apple

On episode 89 of the BSP, I talk about all the devices announced at the Google Pixel event in 2017. I also cover some changes that google made to their Search Algorithm, as well as youtube demonetizing videos that cover controversial topics and the hypocrisy in their moves.

In terms of security news I talk about the status of the FBI tool used to unlock the iPhone 5c from San Bernadino, the Pentagonn using off the shelf security software, and Equifax being hired by the IRS to manage tax payer information verification.

In the ask bandrew segment, I answer some questions about music and share some recommendations for budget XLR mics.

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00:00 - Intro
01:15 - Google Home Mini
01:56 - Google Home Max
04:01 - Google Pixelbook
07:53 - Google Pixelbook Pen
09:45 - Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2XL
13:55 - Google Lens
14:40 - Google Pixel Buds
16:20 - Google Clips
17:40 - Google is the New Apple!!!
19:10 - YouTube Updated It’s Search Algorithm
22:04 - YouTube Demonetizing Videos for YouTubers but Not Large Media Organizations
25:43 - FBI Hacking Tool Will Remain Secret
27:45 - Pentagon Uses Off the Shelf Security Software
30:25 - Equifax Hired by the IRS
32:43 - Ask Bandrew
33:00 - Songs From Your Life Soundtrack?
36:25 - Budget Dynamic XLR Mic Upgrade?
39:45 - Outro 

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BSP-085: The Equifax Data Breach

On episode 85 of the BSP I talk about the HUGE Equifax Data Breach, recording a podcast with a condenser mic, Disney’s streaming service, Roku’s new channel, Updates to YouTube’s streaming capabilities, YouTube HDR Playback, and China Banning ICO’s. I also share some feedback from a listener who lives in China re: Deanonymizing users comments.

In the ask Bandrew segment I hear about Australian internet, recommend some speaker amps that I’ve used, Talk about the Rode NT-USB, Answer if I hate Donald Trump, and answer how I stay polite while answering the same question over and over again.

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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Recording a Podcast with a USB Condenser Mic (Processing listed on
03:06 - Roku Is Launching a Channel
06:30 - Marvel & Star Wars Films Only on Disney’s Streaming Service
08:00 - YouTube Updating Live Streaming Capabilities
12:25 - YouTube Rolling Out HDR Playback to Android Devices
13:53 - China Banned ICO’s
15:45 - Feedback About my Thoughts on China Deanonymizing Internet Commenters
20:55 - Equifax Data Breach!!!
29:50 - Fulltone OCD Pedal
30:17 - New Pickups for Guitar
30:30 - Researching Guitar Amps
31:21 - Ask Bandrew
31:38 - Australian Internet Speeds
32:54 - Speaker Amps ( or (Affiliate Links)
34:06 - Can You Use the Rode NT-USB & Do You Hate Trump?
36:00 - How Do You Stay Polite While Answering Questions That You Answered in Your Video?
38:52 - Outro

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Mic Processing:



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Podcastage Q&A Live Stream Episode 1

I'm trying something new here. I am giving facebook live a shot and will be doing live Q&A sessions to help answer questions in a more timely fashion. This was my first attempt and I was actually missing out on the questions I was getting. I will announce on facebook & twitter when the next live stream is so make sure to go like/follow the following pages!

BSP-028: What Inspired Me to YouTube

00:00 - Intro
00:24 - Disclaimer
02:00 - How do you deal with YouTube Hate?
05:40 - Cloud backup update
07:00 - Why do internet conversations devolve into screaming matches?
12:13 - Twitter Verification
13:34 - Small YouTuber Strikes
14:15 - When should you use a mic stand instead of a boom arm?
15:35 - Most comfortable headphones I’ve used
16:45 - Cheap vs. Expensive gear when testing the waters
18:45 - What Inspired Me to Start YouTubing
23:45 - Outro

On episode 28 of the BSP, the audio quality is not at the usual standard, but I didn’t want to miss another episode. I received a question that from viewer HighlyFictional that I thought was important to answer; "how do you deal with youtube hate?”.

I also share my ideas (with help from veritiasium) why I think internet conversations typically devolve into nothing more than screaming matches. I shortly cover some small news stories and then answer a few more listener questions.

Lastly, I briefly discuss what inspired me to begin creating youtube videos and ultimately what inspired me to begin making microphone review videos.

Veritasium Video:

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PHXCCC: Do You Even Podcast? Panel

On the last day of Phoenix Comic Con 2016, Logan from The Paper Robots, Matt from Absolute Geek Podcast, & Bandrew from The Bandrew Says Podcast ran a panel titled "Do You Even Podcast?".

In this panel, they briefly touched on their podcasting motivations and history, and then dive into Q&A with an awesome audience. The topics covered range from what's the best audio gear to start a podcast with to how do you host your podcast to how do you prepare for a podcast episode. If you are new to podcasting or if you plan on starting your own podcast, this is a must watch.

BSP-019: Choosing the Right Mic for YouTubing / Podcasting / Gaming

00:00 - Intro
00:36 - Hateful YouTube Comments
07:57 - Canon DSLR Mic
09:56 - Hyperloop Test
12:15 - Lost Mayan City
14:52 - Allie Goertz - Sad Dance Songs
15:32 - Doom & Diablo 3
17:37 - Howl.FM Podcast App
21:38 - Podcast Questions
33:49 - Choosing The Right Mic for YouTube / Podcasting / Gaming
45:06 - Outro

On this episode of The BSP, there is discussion of a few youtube comments that I believe warranted a deeper discussion. There is talk of Canon Camera, Hyper Loop, and Lost City news. For the music of the week, I talk very briefly about Sad Dance Songs by Allie Goertz.

I talk about my experiences with the new DOOM as well as Diablo 3, and then share my thoughts on the Howl.FM Podcasting App. 

For podcast questions, I answer questions from @EHVV666, @Benjamin Ewald, Jake Grainger, AnaReeceWeston, Leowyx, Toast n Beans, and Aziz Bettaieb.

And lastly, I talk about how to choose the right mic for your youtube channel, your podcast or for gaming. 

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BSP-009: How To Become a Video Creator

There has been an awakening...have you felt it. I'm back with new episodes of The Bandrew Says Podcast, but things are a little bit different. If you remember the first 8 episodes, you'll know that they consisted of me researching the news, finding statistics about dark things, and discussing them in depth and attempting to solve these issues that people have been trying to solve for hundreds of years. I am no longer able to do that because it took too much of a toll on me. So here's what we're doing now.

This podcast will now focus on a more personal reflection on my weeks and what I've been working on (in regards to geeks rising, podcastage, bsp, etc.) as well as a discussion of interesting tech news, and my opinions on how to do certain things.

For instance, in this episode I discuss how to become a video creator. I may go more in depth in terms of the technology actually required to do such a thing, but this is a very top level look at the process and what I think is important. 

I also discussed some photography and mentioned an image I took that I was pretty proud of. I have included it to the left of this paragraph and I hope you think it's cool.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the relaunch of BSP, and I hope you're excited for the new direction I decided to take it. I personally cannot wait to make some more episodes and share my experiences and knowledge with you. i hope you find useful information and a large benefit from this podcast.

If you have the time, please leave a 5-star rating in iTunes along with a couple word review, and don't forget to subscribe and share it with all your friends. Until next week. High Five More People!!!

E-Blue Cobra Gaming Headset Review

Today I tested out the E-Blue Professional Gaming Headset which was requested by one of our viewers Mac Cat.

What's in the Box

There was absolutely nothing in this box. It comes with the headphones, and a single 3x4-inch sheet of paper. Half of the paper is the 12-month warranty, the other half of the sheet is the User Guide, which consists of directions like "Plug the headset into your computer". I would be lying if I did not point out how much I love how simple their directions were. However, if you are not technically inclined, and do not know much about computers or computer jacks, this could be a point of contention. On top of this, there was no spec sheet in the box.

Performance / Features

The headphones boast 40mm drivers that reproduce sound from 30Hz - 19KHz (this was determined using frequency sweeps and it is not 100% accurate). The microphone on this is the stand out feature. It sounds great, especially considering that this headset costs only $16. I did notice that at points, there were some pops, but that can be remedied by repositioning the microphone. 


  • The price tag on certain colors of this headset for $15-$16. 
  • The microphones good audio quality
  • The microphone can articulate, making it easier to get good audio)
  • Compatible with Windows & Macs


  • Does not provide full frequency reproduction in the headphones.
  • Not that versatile (you will not be able to use this is too many scenarios)
  • Cheap plastic construction
  • Uncomfortable Ear Cups
  • Non-braided Cable


Overall, I think that this is a great deal if you can find it for $16. If you have a podcast guest that's in another city or state, and does not have access to a good microphone, you can just buy them this headset as well as the USB adapter, and ship it directly to them. It comes out to like $22, and the audio quality will be a huge improvement over their internal computer mic, their webcam mic, or a phone call. 

If you have any questions about this headset, leave them in the comments down below or on youtube and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for watching & reading.

Buy the Headset:
Buy the Adapter:

Q&A 001: Shock Mounts, Singing, & Pop Filters

Greetings Earthlings, I am back with my very first Q&A video for you. On the first Q&A for podcastage, I answer three questions:

1) Will the BM700 shock mount stop my computers vibrations?
2) What's the difference between a Metal & Nylon Popfilter?
3) Is the BM-700 / NW-1500 good for singing?

I hope that you enjoyed the video, and that I sufficiently answered the questions you had. If you have any additional questions you want answered on the next Q&A video, leave them in the comments down below (on geeks rising or youtube).