Geeks Rising at Phoenix Comic Con 2016


Phoenix Comic Con is happening June 2-5 and that is just a month away. As usual Geeks Rising will have it's Con Coverage of panels through the weekend. 

Details of coverage will follow in the passing weeks but we have one more thing that is happening.

Do You Even Podcast!

Geeks Rising is hosting a Podcast Panel with The Paper Robots, Podcastage and Absolute Geek Podcast. The Panel is about breaking into podcasting, we will be providing tips and tricks we have all learned and answering the audience's questions.

A Planet of Robots: A Brief History of Mars Exploration

Greetings Martians! On this edition of I Am Vlog, I briefly tell you about mars and then tell you a bit about the history of mars exploration. I mainly focus on the Phoenix Mission because I was at the landing party for that because I went to University of Arizona, and the University of Arizona is awesome like that! Go Wildcats! Anyways. I hope you learn something, or I pique your interest and push you to do a little bit of reading/research on mars yourself! Cheers folks. See ya on Mars!