BSP-148: YouTube Subscriber Purge, YT Avoiding PewDiePie, Logan Paul, and Shane Dawson, and More

On episode 148 of the BSP we analyze: The 2018 YouTube Subscriber Purge and why it’s good for you, Why YouTube is distancing themselves from Logan Paul / PewDiePie / Shane Dawson, Gavin Mcinnes being banned from youtube for copyright infringement, and Taylor Swift using facial recognition on her fans!

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00:00 - Intro
00:58 - Waymo Accepting Early Riders

01:39 - YouTube Monetizing Homepage Autoplay Feature
02:43 - 2018 YouTube Subscriber Purge!

07:17 - Why YouTube Didn’t Include Logan Paul, PewDiePie, or Shane Dawson in YouTube Rewind
11:40 - Gavin Mcinnes Banned from YouTube

17:15 - Taylor Smith Wants Your Face

20:37 - Last Episode With the NTG3
21:38 - I Say Podcast Wrong!?
23:16 - Thankful for the Fethead
24:16 - Thankful for the Procaster, CellTap 4c, Scarlett 2i2
25:37 - Thankful for the MPOW Ground Loop Isolators
26:26 - Thankful for the Apogee Element 46
27:17 - Thankful for the Neewer Boom Arm
28:01 - Ask Bandrew
28:49 - Email 1
28:57 - How Should I EQ the SM57
29:57 - Email 2
30:19 - Can I Boost my Podcast Audio As Loud as Possible for my Listeners?
32:29 - Email 3
32:38 - You Should Check Out the sE Electronics Dynamite DM-1

33:02 - Email 4
33:45 - Do you still use the U Audio Arrow?
34:00 - What plugins do you use?
35:34 - Email 5
35:48 - How’s Your Day Going?
36:36 - Email 6
37:38 -  Thoughts on Lone Gunmen Spinoff
38:45 - Are you Taking Part in No Shave November
39:17 - Thoughts on Twin Peaks?
39:45 - Thoughts on Bill Burr’s F is For Family?
40:14 - Too Many New Shows on Netflix
41:30 - Favorite Show/Movie on a Streaming Service?
42:00 - Outro 

BSP-056: Thoughts on PewDiePie, Disney, & YouTube

On episode 56 of the BSP, the main focus is discussing PewDiePie getting dropped by Maker Studio, YouTube canceling part of his monetization ability, and the cancellation of Scare PewDiePie. I share my thoughts on this event as well as political correctness, and what I think society needs to do to move forward.

Before this, I share one of the most satisfying moments of my life, and a dream that explains why I'm in no rush to jump into another relationship, as well as why my previous relationships have likely failed.

In news, I talk about Russia sending Edward Snowden back to the US, the possibility of Social Media Passwords being required to enter the U.S. and updated to the UK OSA. As far TV, I recommend Mind Field on YouTube Red. Lastly, what I have been testing, I cover verizon unlimited very briefly, and then getting set up with YubiKey, and my current status of Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference.

00:00 - Intro
01:08 - Recording with Blue Spark
01:49 - Most Satisfying Moment of Life
05:13 - Sharing My Dream
07:30 - PewDiePie Incident
12:40 - Russia Sending Snowden Back
14:02 - Social Media Passwords Required to Enter the U.S.
15:43 - UK Law Updates for Whistleblowers
16:44 - Mind Field
18:02 - Verizon Unlimited
18:24 - YubiKey Update
19:58 - Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference
22:04 - X-Files Books
22:36 - Outro

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