CAD U1 USB Dynamic Microphone Review/Test

Ladies and Gentleman. I do not like to badmouth a microphone or a company, but in this case I don't think I have any other choice. I tested out the Cad U37, and had an issue with the microphone being too hot (too loud). I assumed that this was a manufacturing error. I got a request from a viewer to test out the CAD U1, and I jumped at the opportunity because it has such good ratings for a $20 microphone.

I ran into the exact same problem as the CAD U37. The microphone is too hot. I set my microphone input gain at 1% and I was still clipping at 3 feet away from the microphone. On top of that, this microphone has no shielding, so you will be picking up radio waves and all sorts of noise. I have even seen people wrapping it with wire to ground it and eliminate a buzz. 

I understand. This is only a $20 microphone, so you can't expect amazing quality, but this is just absurd. Call me crazy, but if you're selling a microphone, regardless of the price, it should be useable. I should note that I have tested these mics out on Mac computers (which it says it is compatible with) and I think that may be a big issue. If I ever get a PC, I will revisit this microphones, but as of right now, I cannot tell you enough: DO NOT BUY A CAD USB MICROPHONE!