Neewer NW-1500 Condenser Microphone Review/Test

Greetings Earthlings. Time for another Mic Review. This is another new mass produced mic that we will be seeing under a bunch of different names. This is the first one that I saw though, so I picked it up. This is another omni directional, condenser microphone. The sound on the sides of the microphone does seem to be a somewhat dead area, or at least does not provide high quality audio in those locations. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz - 16kHz. which provides a slightly better low end response compared to the other mass produced Chinese microphones I have tested out.

I have no complaints about the microphone's construction. It seems to be built very well. It simply looks, and feels, like they took the body of the NW-700 and added a new microphone capsule on top of it to emulate the Blue Spark. This mic also comes with absolutely everything you will need to get started, Mic, Shockmount, Stand, Cable, & Pop Filter. Some of the accessories are not the best quality but they will definitely get you started.

This microphone also does require power. About 5V to be exact. Most modern sound cards are capable of producing 5V of power, but some of the older sound cards only put out about 3V. If this is the case on your microphone, I recommend picking up the SABRENT USB AUDIO ADAPTER, which is a USB audio adapter, and that will probably solve the issue (that's how I recorded the video).

Let me know if you have any questions about this microphone in the section down below, and if I receive enough questions, I will create a follow up video that will be released on Sunday.

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