Do You Even Comic: Punk Rock Jesus

Fill those shot glasses with holy water as we dive into Punk Rock Jesus for this month's Do You Even Comic. Before discussing the comic book, I want to discuss the creator, Sean Murphy.

The History

Sean Gordon Murphy, 35, has worked as an artist on such projects as Joe the Barbarian, American Vampire, Outer Orbit, Off Road and Hellblazer. But his 2012 creator owned miniseries by Vertigo, Punk Rock Jesus was done solely by him (written, penciled, inked). I thought this was important to note, Sean's body of work is strong working with other creators like Scott Snyder and Grant Morrison working with companies all over the industry (OniPress, Vertigo, Dark Horse, DC). All these facts show how talented of an artist he is and that this book only prove he can write and draw amazingly. 

The Story

So, what is a "Punk Rock Jesus?"  The answer is in the not too distant future a clone of Jesus is created and given a reality TV show. "J2", as he is called, was created from the blood found on the  spear blade that pierced Jesus in the ribs. Things fall apart for the unhappy clone as he lives under lock and kept by a team in a mansion. Also around the world religious zealots hate the kid for being who he is. The story escalates as he escapes from the home, forms a punk band and is on the run from "haters."  Thomas McKael, Jesus's bodygaurd, has a troubled past but joins the adventure regardless. 

The story follows both Thomas and J2. It's a combination of both action and emotional journey as the concept reflects a lot on the current times we live in today.

Why this book?

Sean Murphay says this was a passion project for him and it shows. The book instantly grabs you with his black and white iconic art style and keeps you turning every page as you join J2 on a journey of self exploration in a politically correct society. I don't think it matters if you are religious or not, this book deserves a read and continues to be one of my favorite stories. I enjoyed every bit of the story and was left wanting more from this world.

If this sounded like a book for you then get it here:

Book: Punk Rock Jesus