BSP-055: Using Social Media for Convictions

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - Something New For the Podcast
01:53 - Different Theme Song?
02:30 - Removing All My Information from Facebook
04:44 - YouTube Live Streaming
07:09 - 4k WebCam
09:33 - Verizon Unlimited Plan
10:48 - Correction Re: FBI Collecting E-mails from Google
12:22 - Police Scouring Social Media for Evidence
15:30 - Vizio Tracking Users Viewing Habits & IP Address
17:55 - Update to Electronic Communications Privacy Act
20:37 - FBI No Longer Accepting FOIA Requests Via Email
23:00 - TV Announcements
24:41 - Recommended YouTuber
25:32 - Recommended Music
26:31 - Updated Thoughts on Signal
27:22 - Leef RSS Aggregator
29:18 - Outro

On episode 55 of the BSP, I start by explaining the second camera angle used in this episode. Let me know in the youtube comments or on twitter if you think I should continue to add a second angle. Then I explain my journey in removing all my information from Facebook.

In news, I cover youtube rolling out live streaming from mobile devices, Logitech’s new 4k webcam, Verizon’s new unlimited plan, Police using social media to convict rioters, Vizio tracking users and selling their data, an update the the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and change to FOIA requests.

Following the news, I talk about 3 TV show release dates that I am anxiously awaiting, and suggest I Fight Dragons The Near Future, and iDubbbzTV’s youtube channel. Lastly, I update my thoughts on Signal and share my thoughts on Leef RSS Aggregator.

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