Podcastage Ep. 72: Bad News Montana and Polyamory

Hey y'all. It is Wednesday and that means that it is time for another episode of Podcastage. ON this episode, you get a quick glimpse into my morning routine and how I get out of bed every morning, but immediately following that we go into my discussion of the next state on my no downloads list. Montana. I talk directly to the state of Montana, and then share some horrible news about Montana, as well as ask for some help finding the good in Montana because I know that there is some.

Then I go into my regular diatribe format where I rant about the Ashley Madison leak. It is a touchy subject but I had a very long discussion with some folks online about the situation and I feel like there were some good points made in the discussion so I figured that I could share the thoughts about it. So I hope you get something out of the rants, and I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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