IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD Review

Today I'm reviewing an outdated microphone that has a newer model already released...the iRig Mic HD.

For this review, I have the mic connected directly to my 2017 iMac with the input gain set at 11:00. I have done no post processing on the audio, it is all raw, but the audio was slightly boosted in final cut pro X to simply make the audio easier to listen to.

If you are interested in this microphone, it will set you back $110.00 on Amazon

What's In the Box

  1. Microphone

  2. Microphone Mount

  3. 5/8" to 3/8" Stand Adapter

  4. USB-A Cable

  5. Lightning Cable

  6. Cable lock

  7. Storage pouch

  8. Documentation


  1. Frequency Response: 40Hz - 18kHz

  2. Polar Pattern: Cardioid

  3. Max SPL: 134dB (3% THD)

  4. Bit Depth: 24-Bit

  5. Sample Rate: 48kHz

Performance / Features

The build quality of this microphone is sufficient. It has an all metal body and a sturdy feeling metal grill. It does feel a bit on the light side which makes me reluctant about the durability of this microphone's body. On one side you will find the microphone gain dial, and on the other side you will find a multi-color LED light which can be used for metering. 

The frequency response is listed as 40Hz - 18kHz. They do not have any frequency response published, but while listening to the audio samples it is apparent that this not as presence boosted as the majority of handheld dynamic microphones. 

The polar pattern of this mic is cardioid. The background noise rejection did not blow my socks off. At 90 / 270-degrees, there was almost no low frequencies; there was only treble. Once we got around the mic to 180-degrees, all the treble had been eliminated and the low end returned. 

The overall performance of this mic is a mixed bag. The tone of this microphone is pretty good (if you like flatter microphones). Because it is flatter it is more neutral, and is a bit more boring sounding. The preamp fairly quiet all the way up to 100%, but it is difficult to measure the actual noise floor since I do not have an anechoic chamber to test this in. On the other hand, it suffered significantly from plosives which could lead to ruined recordings. The handling noise was also pretty disappointing. 


  • Convenient since it's compatible with multiple OS (Mac, Windows, iOS)

  • HD Recording (24-bit, 48kHz)

  • Relatively neutral response compared to other handheld dynamics

  • Relatively quiet preamp


  • Lacks latency free monitoring

  • Suffers from plosives

  • Did not perform well with handling noise


If you are looking for a USB mic to run on your windows or mac computer, I would suggest you look somewhere else for a microphone. I say this because this microphone suffers so badly from plosives, it doesn't do well with handling noise, and it lacks latency free monitoring. Additionally the USB microphone market it very competitive so you can get a microphone that meets all your requirements for the same price if not cheaper.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a handheld dynamic microphone, that requires HD audio, has a relatively neutral frequency response, and runs to your iOS device over lightning cable, then your options are much more limited. I think in that case, this may be one of the only options you have, but i would suggest you check out the Mic HD 2 as it added the latency free monitoring, and hopefully they improved the plosive issue. 

If you have any additional questions about this microphone, leave them on the youtube video, and I will try to reply ASAP. 

Buy the IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD
US: https://amzn.to/2v9xvJ4
UK: https://amzn.to/2v6cDSY
CA: https://amzn.to/2EEZHDc
DE: https://amzn.to/2IN4RPW

Buy the IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD 2
US: https://amzn.to/2Hfgr9n
UK: https://amzn.to/2v7q2dn
CA: https://amzn.to/2EEGdhS
DE: https://amzn.to/2qqFZWt


BSP-048: Welcome to the Clutter Cave

On episode 48 of the BSP, I talk about my favorite piece of news in the last decade; scientists have discovered a new vaccine to stop the spread of Ebola!!! 

Before that, I start with discussing the mic I’m recording this weeks podcast with & my run in with minimalism. As far as computer news, I talk about Apple giving up on Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi rolling out their OS to PC & Mac computers!

In security news, there has been  push by The House to legislate the use of the Sting Ray device, which tracks devices using geo-location. Following that I briefly talk about Facebbok’s report regarding government data requests.

Finishing up the podcast, I recommend a travel show starring Karl Pilkington and an album by Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas, and lastly I talk about my thoughts and first impressions on my new iPhone 7+.

00:00 - Intro
02:57 - It’s Christmas
03:14 - Recording with Rode NT1
04:04 - Minimalism & The Clutter Cave
09:30 - Apple is Giving Up on Mac OS X
13:31 - Raspberry Pi’s OS Now On PC & Mac
16:25 - Legislation on Sting Ray Geolocation Device
18:30 - Government’s Facebook User Data Requests Up 27% (https://govtrequests.facebook.com)
22:19 - The Moaning Of Life
23:08 - Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner
23:42 - Initial Impressions of the iPhone 7+

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BSP-045: I Hate Your Product Because I Love You

00:00 - Intro
01:25 - Partitioning HD 6 Ways!!!
04:00 - Google is Eliminating Passwords
07:10 - Netflix Download & Go
09:05 - New YouTube Comment Functions
13:39 - Apple AirPods are Coming!!!
16:18 - Fitbit is acquiring Pebble
20:27 - What I have been testing
24:37 - Why I Give out Bad Reviews
33:10 - Outro

On todays episode, I cover a few big pieces of news but before we get into that I talk about my gradual descent into paranoia and anti socia tendencies. Then I talk about how google is collecting enough data to actually create the AI from Ex Machina.

Other news covered consists of the brand new download function by Netflix, New Youtube Comment Functions, an eventual release of Apple AirPods, and Fitbit's acquisition of Pebble.

As far as what I've been testing, I briefly discuss the Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard 2, and then discuss my new apple watch band and a brand new iPhone case.

As the main topic in this episode, I talk about why I give out bad reviews and how companies need to listen to what reviewers have to say about their products and improve their future iterations. I also tell you why I refuse to visit some review channels.

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HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Review / Test

Today we are talking about the brand new HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset. What is really cool about this headset is that it is listed as compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, as well as your Smartphone. What's even cooler is that it's also certified to work with the following apps: Teamspeak, Discord, Skype, Ventrilo, Mumble, Raidcall. That means that no matter what system/software  you are using, this headset will likely work for you.

If you are interested in this gaming headset, it will set you back $50 on Amazon

What's In the Box

  1. Headset (1.3m Cable)
  2. Extension / Splitter Cable (1.7m Cable)
  3. Quickstart Guide
  4. 2-Year Warranty



  1. Drivers: 50mm
  2. Frequency Response: 18Hz - 23kHz


  1. Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
  2. Frequency Response: 50Hz - 18kHz
  3. Sensitivity: -40dB

Performance / Features

The build quality of this headset is better than I expected. It is a plastic build, however, the plastic feels high quality and provides ample flexibility. The foam on the headset/headband is made of HyperX's memory foam and is among the best I've felt on any gaming headset. The controls are simple; you will find a single volume rocker on the right ear cup to control the headphone volume, and that's it. And lastly, the microphone arm can articulate, and in order to mute the mic you just tilt it upright and you will hear a click to indicate the microphone has been muted.

The headphones are what truly stand out on this product. There is plenty of boomy low end while maintaining the presence in the high end. I typically do not enjoy bass heavy headphones, but that is because "bass-heavy" headphones are usually plagued by muddy lows that sacrifice high frequency performance; this headset does neither of those things. You get crystal clear highs and booming lows.

The microphone on the other hand is bad, and it just sounds like your typical gaming headset mic. When I saw the unidirectional polar pattern I knew that we would lose some quality in microphone performance compared to an omnidirectional microphone, and I think that it is a smart trade off to make. This is a gaming headset, and while gaming you want people on the other end to hear your voice instead of the fan blowing in the background. This unidirectional microphone will help with that. Do not get me wrong, you will still hear background noise, but it will not be as pronounced as it would be if the microphone was omnidirectional.


  • Universally compatible
  • Great sounding headphones
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Well built
  • Articulating Mic Arm
  • Unidirectional Mic


  • Bad sounding microphone


Even though I think the microphone is bad, I would absolutely recommend this headset. The recommendation stems from the headphones performance and comfort. While gaming, what's most important to you is going to be the audio you hear, and the comfort of the headphones; this headset excels in both of those areas. Your friends will also be able to hear you perfectly fine through this microphone while talking to each other on teamspeak, discord or any other chat service; you just won't win any awards for audio quality.

On the other hand, if you are going to be recording voice overs or gaming commentaries with this headset, I would recommend looking elsewhere because this microphone will not cut it for professional audio recordings.

If you have any additional questions about this microphone, leave them on the youtube video, and I will try to reply ASAP. 

Buy it on Amazon
US: http://amzn.to/2gspgik
UK: http://amzn.to/2gOlQ7K

Pyle PDMICUSB6 USB Microphone Review / Test

Today we are looking at a budget USB Microphone by Pyle: The Pyle PDMICUSB6. This microphone is plug and play and is listed as compatible with windows and mac computer.

If you are interested in this microphone, it will set you back $25 on Amazon

What's In the Box

  1. Microphone
  2. Microphone Mount (No Stand Adapter)
  3. 6.5-foot USB Cable
  4. Desktop Mic Stand
  5. Documentation

Performance / Features

The construction on this mic feels pretty nice. It has an all metal construction as well as some nice weight to it. The only feature on this microphone is an on/off switch to mute the microphone. However, during the review when I switched the mic to "off", a loud static became audible. The mic clip/mount is plastic and doesn't feel like it's good quality and the desktop mic stand feels of the same caliber while providing no shock absorption.

The frequency response is listed as 50Hz - 14kHz which is fine for a dynamic microphone similar to the Pyle PDMIC58. It did not sound particularly good on electric or acoustic guitar, but sounded fine on voice. 

The polar pattern is listed as cardioid and it does a very nice job of eliminating background noises like keyboards or outside noise. The sample rate is listed as 16-bit / 48kHz and the mic sensitivity is listed as 53dB.

It's fairly obvious that the built in interface is noisy. Once you get to approximately 30-40% input gain, a loud digital noise becomes apparent and essentially ruins the audio.


  • Decent construction
  • Affordable
  • Good at eliminating background noise.


  • Not best sound on guitars
  • When switched off generates hiss.


I can't recommend this microphone because of the incredibly loud digital interference once you hit 30% gain, as well as hiss generated when switching the mic off. The only use case I would recommend this microphone for is if you are on an incredibly tight budget, and only want a usb microphone. You can talk to people on Skype or in-game, but if you plan on recording any audio for a video or song, I would recommend you look elsewhere.

If you have any additional questions about this microphone, leave them in the comments on this site or on the youtube channel, and I will try to reply ASAP. 

Buy it on Amazon
US: http://amzn.to/2bqRCqB
UK: http://amzn.to/2bcBnPc