BSP-060 - Do Giveaways Provide Long Term YouTube Growth?

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00:00 - Intro
01:42 - Another Shorter Episode
02:04 - New Gear to Record Podcast / And Improving Audio
04:07 - Do Giveaways Increase Your Subscriber Growth?
06:04 - I Did My First YouTube Collaboration
06:48 - Bought a New Bass
08:30 - YouTube Annotations Going Away
11:30 - Updates to Twitter
14:06 - Using Prepaid Unlimited Plans Anonymously
17:42 - TV of The Week
19:35 - What I’ve Been Testing
23:22 - Ask Bandrew
26:23 - Outro

On episode 60 of the BSP, I first cover my new piece of gear; the DBX 286s, while explaining what this item does, and how I’m using it for this podcast. I then talk about the end of the podcastage giveaway, and my findings on if running giveaways has any long term effect on your subscriber growth. Then I talk about about my first collaboration, and picking up a new bass.

In news, I cover the removal of annotations from YouTube, and what this means for tech youtubers, as well as a few updates being made to twitter. The last piece of news I talk about relates to getting an anonymous smartphone with unlimited data.

Then we get into TV & Movies of the week where I recommend LOVE Season 2. In terms of what I’ve been testing, I briefly talk about the DBX 286s, the Furman M-8x2, and then talk about my new Das Keyboard mechanical keyboard for mac.

Closing out the podcast, I introduce a new segment titled “Ask Bandrew” where you send your questions to and I answer your questions on a future episode. 

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