BSP-107: Fan Breaks into YouTuber’s Home

On episode 107 I talk about twitter streaming local news during breaking events, updates to YouTube tv’s channel lineup and pricing, my thoughts on the Casey Neistat & Robert Kyncl interview, Susan Wojicki’s thoughts on Logan Paul, Unilever threatening to pull their ads from online platforms, and a fan breaking into a YouTuber’s house.

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00:00 - Intro
00:37 - Twitter Live Streaming News during Breaking News
02:51 - Updates to YouTube TV
04:26 - Casey Neistat & Robert Kyncl Interview
09:53 - Susan Wojicki Doesn’t Think Logan Paul should Be Kicked off YouTube
15:22 - Unilever Threatens to Pull Ads from Online Companies
18:30 - Fan Breaks into YouTuber’s Home
21:15 - Ask Bandrew
21:36 - Email 1
22:28 - Why do you prefer Mac OS over Windows
25:11 - Why did you choose this topic for youtube?
27:20 - What are your thoughts on social media?
28:59 - Have you heard of Amateur radio?
29:55 - Email 2
30:46 - How are you learning to support your voice?
32:40 - What would suggest to someone to reinvigorate their creativity?
36:00 - Email 3
37:44 - Have you seen Enemy of the State?
38:07 - Opinion on Season 11 of X-Files
40:52 - Outro

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BSP-106: Conspiracy Between YouTube & Logan Paul

On episode 106, I talk about using the Falcon Heavy Launch, Amazon Prime Delivering Groceries, Casey Nesitat interviewing YouTube CBO Robert Kyncl, YouTube Demonetizing Logan Paul’s Channel, YouTube’s Blog Post about How They Will be Handling Bad Behavior, Equifax Leaking Additional Information, a New TV Show and a new movie. 

In the ask bandrew says segment, I talk about my favorite actor, if I could buy one thing what it would be, who my Idol is, what my first microphone was, favorite conspiracy themed movies, favorite headphones, favorite unhealthy food, favorite tv show, and the worst thing that has ever happened to me. 

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00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Neumann TLM103
01:30 - Don’t Change Too Much Too Fast
02:52 - Falcon Heavy Launch
06:16 - Amazon Prime Delivering Groceries
07:07 - Casey Neistat Interview with YouTube CBO
08:45 - YouTube Demonetizes Logan Paul’s Channel
10:55 - Conspiracy Between YouTube & Logan Paul
14:15 - YouTube Blog Post Stating They Can Censor You!?
18:10 - My thoughts on their blog post!
23:41 - My Advice for Creators Who Upload Controversial Content
27:14 - More Data Leaked in Equifax Hacking
28:21 - New Apple TV Show
29:37 - The Cloverfield Paradox
29:50 - The Ask Bandrew Segment
30:12 - Email 1
30:50 - Favorite Actor?
31:58 - If you could buy one thing, what would it be?
32:47 - Do you have an idol? If so, why?
33:58 - First microphone?
34:29 - Email 2
35:38 - Favorite Conspiracy Movie?
37:22 - What’s your birth sign?
37:32 - Apart from Sony headphones, what are you favorite?
38:12 - Favorite unhealthy food?
38:58 - Favorite TV Show other than X-Files?
40:03 - What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you?
41:02 - Outro

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Rode M3 Condenser Mic Review

Today, we're looking at another microphone from Rode; the Rode M3

This is an XLR condenser microphone, which means you will need to connect this to an audio interface that offers +48v of phantom power. For this review, I have connected the mic to my computer using the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, with the +48v phantom power turned on and my gain set around ~55%. In post, I did boost the signal +8dB as well, but no actual post processing was done.

What is really unique about this microphone is that it is Multi-Powered, meaning you can power the microphones capsule through different methods; with the standard +48v phantom power, or with a 9v battery!!!

If you are interested in this microphone kit, it will set you back $150 on Amazon

What's In the Box

  1. Microphone

  2. Pouch

  3. Microphone Mount

  4. 5/8" to 3/8" Mic Stand Adapter

  5. Windscreen

  6. Documentation

  7. 10-Year Warranty


  1. Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz

  2. Polar Pattern: Cardioid

  3. Sensitivity: -40dB

  4. Max SPL: 142dB

  5. Impedance: 200-Ohms

  6. Phantom Power: 48v or a 9v Battery

Performance / Features

The build quality of this microphone feels incredible. It has a full metal construction that feels extremely well put together, as well as a decent amount of weight to it. This thing feels like an absolute tank. On the side we have a 3-way switch that allows you switch between 1) Off, 2) flat frequency response, 3) low cut filter. When you unscrew the bottom, you will find another 3 way switch that allows you to turn on a -10dB or -20dB pad, as well as a spot to install a standard 9v battery.

The frequency response of this mic is 40Hz - 20kHz. The electric guitar sounded pretty good, offering a decent amount of low end and plenty of crispy high frequencies. On the voice it did seem to lack a bit of lower frequencies, but it still sounded absolutely usable. Then on the acoustic guitar, it sounded incredibly natural. What I liked most about it was the percussiveness that it picked up from the strumming. This is a personal preference of mine, and it is one of my favorite mics I've come across for acoustic guitar.

The cardioid polar pattern did a nice job at background noise rejection. In a studio, I think this would work well for live tracking as it would help minimize bleed between microphones. For gamers and podcasters, it does seem like it would work well at eliminating background noise, but it may still pick up more than what you desire.


  • Battery Powered

  • Great build quality

  • Great Natural Sound



  • Lacks low end on voice


I think this microphone is EXCELLENT for the price. It is absolutely going into my rotation of mics I use for recording music. The tone is absolutely not going to be for everybody, but if you are looking for a microphone with a more mid/high focussed frequency response, then I think this is a great option.

If you run a professional studio, or you do a lot of interviews/recording in the field, I think this would be a great mic to add to your arsenal. Not only does it have an incredibly high Max SPL which will handle loud instruments really well, but it also allows you to power the mic with a 9v battery! Therefore, if you're ever out in the field, and don't have access to a phantom power supply, you don't have to worry.

I don't think I would PERSONALLY recommend this for podcasting or gaming because the tone doesn't seem to fit my voice. But if you have a deeper voice, this may provide the right frequency response which would help avoid too much bass while maintaining a crisp and clean high end. Another downside for this applications is that the polar pattern might also pick up more background noise than you would prefer. 

If you have any additional questions about this microphone, leave them on the youtube video, and I will try to reply ASAP. 

Buy the M3

Buy the Focusrite Scarlett Solo

The Shrieker Podcast 008: Josh Van Laningham

After plugging the new Shrieker Facebook and G+ groups, Josh Van Laningham talks to us about his work as an Art Director and Graphic Designer at Level 99 Games.

Level 99 produces 2 player head-to-head board games influenced by fighting video games. As a graphic designer, Josh takes all the art and game elements and assembles them into beautiful, usable, informative rule books, boxes and other items. He started work first on Mystic Empyrean, Level 99’s only RPG, which is now out of print but has a demo still available on DriveThruRPG. His favorite game is Sellswords, a card drafting, tile placement game. Their games are available directly from the Level 99 website and locally at the Empire Board Game Library.

This month you can download The Shrieker, a playable character for Level 99’s BattleCon. Unleash fungoid might to bring down your enemies!

The Free RPG Society: I got to try out Nighttime Guardians, the game we talked about last month. The good news is that the game’s cute setting and simple mechanics are just as charming in play as I expected. Unfortunately it has some serious balance issues that need to be addressed. Look for a full a review on the Geeks Rising blog.

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The Paper Robots Episode 61: Mike Olivares

Who is Mike Olivares? He is a busy guy helping the comic scene in Tucson as well as many other creator projects. Mike runs Xpanded Universe Toy/Art Gallery, founded Tucson Comic Con, creates designer toys and does a few other things I can't mention yet.

We chatted at the shop and I had a chance to pick his brain about getting started in this comic-con culture. It was such a blast!


The Shrieker Podcast 007: Jonathan Zimmerman

Jonathan Zimmerman talks to us about Nighttime Guardians, a simple game about teddy bears protecting sleeping children from things that go bump in the night.

Jonathans’s first game aims to be accessible through its simplicity. The rules are short, filling one double-sided page. The game only requires a handful of common six sided dice. The subject matter and simplicity should make the game usable by even the youngest players. The core game is available as a pay-what-you-want but future supplements will likely have a small fixed price.

This month you can download Quimcy Sluran’s Slumber, a short adventure for Nighttime Guardians.

The Free RPG Society: The demo version of Golden Sky Stories is a trimmed down but completely usable version of the full game. Its unique genre and resolution mechanic make this a game that everyone should try at some point.

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The Paper Robots Episode 60: Brian Petty

In this episode Logan chats with the talented  Brian Petty as Brian lets him come by his workshop for an interview.

Brian makes everything from 501st Star Wars armor and helmets to replica quality models and his own original masks. I felt like a kid at a candy shop when I saw all the different things he had hung on his shelves and in progression tables. This man is amazingly talented and so kind. He shared a lot of what it was like to get started and how he is more than willing to help out people getting started in costume design.


Facebook/Brian Petty