The Shrieker Podcast 012: Lee Francis

Lee Francis joins us to talk about Indigenous Comic Con, happening at the National Hispanic Cultural Center here in Albuquerque on November 18th. The convention will bring together native actors, game designers, comic artists, and more from around the country to celebrate their unique contributions to popular culture. There will be panels such as “How to Survive the Zombie Apocolypse on the Rez”), music, and vendors. Celebrity appearences will include Jonathan Joss (of “King of the Hill” and “Parks and Rec” fame) and a variety of native cosplayers. There will be a screening “Monster Slayer”. There will be a game room featuring demos of video games like “Never Alone” with Ishmael Hope, “Blood Quantum” with Renee Nejo, and Elizabeth LaPensee. Particularly exciting to the host, Allen Turner will be bringing his Fate-based native-story-inspired RPG, Ehdrigohr and running a game jam to help native communities develop their own games. Aside from their website, you can find information on the Indigenous Comic Con on their Facebook page.

There is no Downloadable or Free RPG Society review for this month because Matt is lazy. Check the Geeks Rising blog to find past downloadable game supplements or reviews of free games.

Lastly, this episode marks a full year of The Shrieker. To celebrate, next month we will be sharing the stories of listeners, marking their development as game players, designers, and fans. Share stories of new friends made and favorite games discovered (and more) on our social media pages or by email for a chance to have them read on-air.

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