BSP-091: Burrito Delivery Drones

On episode 91 of the BSP, I talk about a slow news week, using the ART D7 for the podcast, and YouTube selecting me for Creator on the Rise.

In the news, I cover Visceral studios shutting down, CNN receiving an exemption to fly drones over crowds of people, burrito delivery drones in Australia, Nokia 3310 being available for preorder, Facebook wanting you to upload your Resume, New Twitch streaming tools, Online political ad regulations, and Mobile phone providers selling your location & billing info.

In the Ask Bandrew segment, I answer a question about how to reach a father who is stubborn, and also talk about your microphone having grounding issues.

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00:00 - Intro
01:07 - Slow News Week
01:23 - Using the Art D7
02:30 - YouTube Creator On The Rise
03:57 - Visceral Studios Shut Down
05:04 - CNN Can Fly Drones over Crowds
07:43 - Burritos Delivered by Drone
09:43 - Nokia 3310 Available for Preorder
10:40 - Facebook Wants Your Resume!
15:30 - New Twitch Streaming Tools
20:10 - New Regulations for Online Political Ads
22:18 - Mobile Phone Providers Selling Location, Billing Information, and Name
24:45 - Ask Bandrew
25:04 - How to Get Through to My Father?
32:45 - Humming on My Microphone, Grounding Issue?
33:45 - Outro

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