BSP-058: How to Increase Audience Interaction

00:00 - Intro
01:18 - Launching a YouTube Giveaway
04:23 - How to Get More Audience Interaction
06:49 - Accessing Your Information from a Locked iPhone
09:00 - YouTube TV
12:42 - Google Chromebooks
17:11 - Teddy Bears Leaked Recordings of Kids
19:34 - X-Files Episode Suggestion
22:31 - Another YubiKey
23:22 - A Faraday Bag
26:25 - The Complete X-Files
27:50 - Using an iPad as my Main Computer
30:17 - Outro

On episode 58 of the BSP, I first talk about launching the 25,000 subscriber giveaway on the podcastage channel. I cover the service I'm using to run the giveaway, and what the reaction has been. Then I provide a fun way to increase audience interaction on your video/podcast.

Next I share a story about accessing user information from a locked iPhone. Then I talk about YouTube TV, what is different, and why I'm not that excited about it. I also share my thoughts on Google Chromebooks, and a recent security breach regarding internet connected Teddy Bears.

After the news, I share a suggestion for those who want to start watching X-files. As far as what I have been testing, I talk about another YubiKey, buying a faraday bag, a book I just purchased, and using my iPad as my main computer.

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