In this 1 hour 40 minute documentary we follow Dan Harmon and crew on their journey across the country on the first Harmontown (podcast) tour. There are funny parts, there are parts where you genuinely feel worry, but the overarching feeling you get from this documentary is hope. That hope comes from Spencer; the dungeon master for harmon town.

Spencer started out as an audience member at harmontown and one day got pulled on stage to run a D&D campaign. A few years later, he's still a part of Harmontown and he has become something of a celebrity. It's through Spencer that we are able to relate to the behind the scenes world of Harmontown in this documentary. He is one of us, thrown into this world, forced to come to terms with this new reality. However, throughout this journey he struggles, just like any of us would. That's what's so engaging about his story, and this documentary as a whole. Everyone in it is so human. Except for Jeff Davis...I think he's a robot.

With a name like Harmontown, you may think that this documentary would be about Dan Harmon. That couldn't be farther from the truth. This documentary is about everyone. It's about the underdog. It's about the people who don't fit in or feel like they belong. More importantly this documentary shows us that the unpopular, anti social, depressed, anxious, freaks that we are, are people too.