BSP-096: YouTube Adpocalypse 2.0

On episode 96 of the BSP, I talk about a mistake I made regarding the Net Neutrality vote, as well as my last podcast with the RE-20. In the news, I let you know about a new X-Files game that’s coming, Microsoft Office being available on all chrome books, Youtube fixing an iOS bug, the new YouTube Community Feature, Youtube rolling out competition for Snapchat & Instagram stories, the Adpocalypse 2.0, and Youtube deleting 150,000 videos.

I also talk about apple screwing up big time in terms of your computers security if you’re running High Sierra, a proposed bill that could put executives in jail for covering up data breaches, and the Department of Homeland Security stating that DJI drones are being used to spy for the Chinese Government. 

In TV & Movies of the week, I let you know that the awesome netflix series “MindHunter” has been renewed for a second season, and share that Hater’s Back Off was cancelled. Finally in the ask bandrew segment I talk about my 2nd favorite dynamic mic, the best condenser for podcasting, conspiracy theories, and the M99.

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00:00 - Intro
01:01 - Correction about Net Neutrality Vote
02:05 - Final Week With the RE20
03:42 - New X-Files Mobile Game
04:48 - Microsoft Office Available on All Chromebooks
06:31 - YouTube iOS Bug Fixed
07:20 - New YouTube Community Feature
09:01 - YouTube Taking on Snapchat & Instagram Stories
11:24 - Adpocalypse 2.0
14:42 - YouTube Deleted 150,000 Videos
15:57 - Apple Screwed Up!!!
17:30 - Executives Can Go To Jail for Data Breaches
18:55 - DJI Drones are Spying for the Chinese Government (
22:22 - Mindhunter Renewed for Season 2
23:03 - Hater’s Back Off Cancelled
23:35 - Do Expensive XLR Cables Really Make a Difference?
25:23 - Ask Bandrew
26:00 - What’s Your 2nd Favorite Dynamic Mic?
27:36 - Best Condenser Mic for Podcasting?
30:15 - What’s One Conspiracy Theory You Want the Answer To?
35:13 - Will You Review the M99 & The SM7b vs RE20?
37:39 - Outro

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BSP-058: How to Increase Audience Interaction

00:00 - Intro
01:18 - Launching a YouTube Giveaway
04:23 - How to Get More Audience Interaction
06:49 - Accessing Your Information from a Locked iPhone
09:00 - YouTube TV
12:42 - Google Chromebooks
17:11 - Teddy Bears Leaked Recordings of Kids
19:34 - X-Files Episode Suggestion
22:31 - Another YubiKey
23:22 - A Faraday Bag
26:25 - The Complete X-Files
27:50 - Using an iPad as my Main Computer
30:17 - Outro

On episode 58 of the BSP, I first talk about launching the 25,000 subscriber giveaway on the podcastage channel. I cover the service I'm using to run the giveaway, and what the reaction has been. Then I provide a fun way to increase audience interaction on your video/podcast.

Next I share a story about accessing user information from a locked iPhone. Then I talk about YouTube TV, what is different, and why I'm not that excited about it. I also share my thoughts on Google Chromebooks, and a recent security breach regarding internet connected Teddy Bears.

After the news, I share a suggestion for those who want to start watching X-files. As far as what I have been testing, I talk about another YubiKey, buying a faraday bag, a book I just purchased, and using my iPad as my main computer.

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