Call Me Lucky

This Bobcat Goldthwait directed documentary, tells the story comedian Barry Crimmins. This man changed the scene of Comedy in the 80's. More importantly, he has changed the lives of many children who survived childhood sexual abuse.

When you hear someone say "I can't imagine what you're going through", you know something bad has happened. You just don't know how bad it can actually be. We find out how bad it reality can be for Barry Crimmins. However, once we get to that low point where we don't think Barry will survive, we begin to see the true beauty and humanism of this man. 

In the beginning of the film, Barry Crimmins tells a story about one of the executives of Exxon following the Valdez spill. He mentions how an executive said "Hey, nobody ever talks about how much oil didn't spill from the Exxon Valdez." ... That is the kind of optimism that we see portrayed flawlessly in this film; from tragedy can come the anger to change in the world. I think that's what this film is trying to portray. That you can survive horrible events in your life, and those events don't have to control you. You can take control of your life and turn the bad into good. 

I think that this film is necessary for everyone to watch. It may be difficult at times, but it's an important message. I know too many people crippled by fear or past events. If you watch this, you can learn to leave that all behind.

I know this review/recommendation is short and kind of cheesy, but I don't care. I just think y'all need to watch it, and learn from Barry Crimmins & Bobcat Goldthwait. That's why I'm writing this.