It's Friday, and that means FNAMBC. Today I want to talk about the 2010 film, Monsters.

With a title like Monsters, you may think that we will be witnessing a lot of huge battle scenes a la Pacific Rim. However, that's not the main focus. Don't get me wrong, we see a LOT of amazing and beautiful views of the "Monsters", but I think the title is much deeper and much more subtle. Let's get pretentious. 

The premise of this film is that the Earth has suffered an alien invasion, and six years into this invasion, a journalist has to escort his bosses daughter back to safety. I know. That sounds horrible. But trust me. It's worth a watch. 

The characters in this film are extremely believable and real. There are almost no actions that leave you thinking "Come on. Really!?" On top of that, the acting is executed very well. I would hate myself if I didn't try to sell you on this film using Scoot McNairy. That's right. Gordon Clark form Halt & Catch Fire is one of the main characters, and he does a phenomenal job.  At times, the story is almost too simple, but that leaves a lot of room for the actors to grow their characters and for the writer to give us that subtextual nugget of truth that we all look for in Sci-Fi Films!

As much as I loved the acting, and the characters, I think that the most interesting and engaging part of this film was the commentary it's making about the US and Mexico. There is a clear and obvious comparison that can be made here. The USA wants to keep out the "Aliens", so they build a wall. The extra terrestrials are peaceful "creatures" who only want to protect themselves. They do not want to take over. It's my theory that the "Monsters" referred to in the title are not the extra terrestrials, rather, they are the people who are trying to eradicate a peaceful species who were brought here by us! 

Lets be honest here. That's the beauty of Science Fiction. It can make a statement without being heavy handed...although I fear my analysis may have removed any remnants of subtlety. 

You'll Like it if You Like: Sci-Fi Films, Horror Films, District 9, Pacific Rim, or Children of Men

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