BSP-073: Amazon Fresh Expanding to Every City?

In episode 73 of the Bandrew Says Podcast, I explore if Facebook Advertisements are worth the money, what Amazon Acquiring Whole Foods Means, Youtube Fighting Extremist Content, Player Unknown Battlegrounds coming to the Xbox One, and the CIA hacking routers.

I briefly share my thoughts on "Oh, Hello" which is available on Netflix, and then go into What I've Been Testing: iPad Pro 10.5", Logitech Slim Keyboard Case, Apple Pencil, Arturia AudioFuse.

In the Ask Bandrew Segment I suggest a headphone amp that's capable of powering up to 8 headphone mixes, a boom arm for the ATR2500, and try to help trouble shoot an issue with an audio interface not working.

00:00 - Intro
01:10 - Are Facebook Ads Worth It?
04:01 - Amazon Acquired Whole Foods
05:51 - YouTube Fighting Extremist Content
10:15 - PlayerUnkown Battleground Coming to Xbox One
11:46 - CIA Hacking Into Your Router
14:39 - Oh, Hello
15:58 - iPad Pro 10.5”
19:29 - Arturia AudioFuse
22:12 - Ask Bandrew
28:16 - Outro

Behringer Powerplay Pro-8:
Neewer Boom Arm Review:
Newer Boom Arm:
Rode PSA1:

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