BSP-054: Facebook is Taking on YouTube

00:00 - Intro
01:04 - A Strange Story / Why I’m Not Watching the Super Bowl
03:06 - Stop Being Stupid Idiots
05:05 - Facebook is Taking on YouTube
08:12 - Zero Rating Allowed by FCC
10:45 - FBI’s iPhone Cracking Software Stolen
13:08 - FBI Access to All Gmail Stored on Foreign Servers?
15:38 - The Expanse Season 2
17:18 - Graf Orlock Destination Time Tomorrow
18:48 - X-Files Trust No One
19:50 - YubiKey Mistake
21:21 - Signal E2E Messaging App
24:00 - Your Audio Isn’t as Bad as You Think
28:16 - Outro

On episode 54 of the BSP, I share the first recording I ever made on my computer, and explain why the audio you’re getting out of your $30-$50 is much better than you think. 

In the personal portion of the podcast, I share a very strange encounter I had with a pizza delivery man, my boycott of the NFL, and rant about how I hope all of you are smart about how you drive.

In the news, I cover Facebook’s plans for video hosting, the FCC allowing zero rating, the FBI’s iPhone cracking software being stolen, and the FBI gaining access to all of Google’s e-mails stored outside of the US.

In pop culture, I talk about the return of the Expanse on the SyFy channel, I recommend a grind core album that I’ve been listening to for over 10 years, and I suggest an X-files book that should satiate your conspiracy mind during the absence of new X-files episodes.

As far as what I’ve been testing, I share a big mistake I made while purchasing a couple of Yubikey encryption keys, and explain why I like Signal, and the difficulties of using it.

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